Ben and Jerry's big brain socioeconomics club has... produced.

@jeremiah Looting and fire bombing Ben & Jerry's should no longer be a crime.

@ChristiJunior Don't be rayciss! It isn't if you've got the right skin privilege.

@ChristiJunior @jeremiah Just bring a bucket and get all the Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough you can carry.

@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior B&J are actually run by Unilever, who I boycott on principle.

@jeremiah I will applaud when both Ben and Jerry's homes burn down. Preferably with them still inside. No need to be able to say "I told ya" to them.

@jeremiah Up until a bunch of them betrayed us on the small business shutdowns, the only one of these bowls that should have had any government funding at all was the police. No need to reduce CIA and FBI budgets, though, they only inject STDs into innocent Guatemalan orphans and cover up Epstein Island pedophilia investigations, no big deal.

In the past few months (if not earlier), taxation has become theft. What do we even have a government for except to prevent Post-Apocalypse Malone from setting up wrongspeak torture tents on American soil? What solitary purpose?

@PorkCow Conflating the actions of the FBI and the CIA is like putting meth and aspirin in the same category.

I see the "taxation is theft" argument as a proxy for, "I don't know how to stand up for myself, let alone organize with others."

I've heard it since I can remember out of lots of people, but I've never once seen any effort to resisting, or organized resistance against taxation unless you count "sovereign citizens" or shady accountants.

I recommend the latter.

@jeremiah To be fair, I wouldn't have drinks with meth, aspirin, OR an alphabet badge.

@PorkCow to be fair, I don't think the FBI's existence is justified, and the CIA... that's tough.

I think that we need intel, and in some cases, ops, and those need secrecy, but the potential for abuse (and the demonstrable history of abuse) make this a severely hot potato. No good answers here, just a few naive ideas.

@jeremiah True. But we are officially having legal talks about giving the death penalty for cops who engage in self defense, which is not something you could say for what the FBI probably did to censor Epstein.

There's no perfect answer, but if the FBI and CIA were at least low enough that local cops were allowed to investigate the Finders Group, but high enough that one of their agents could publish counter investigations, that would probably have given us answers on all those warehouse kids back when there was something to actually do about it.

@PorkCow that's not what the police are for. Their primary purpose is protecting property and maintaining order. All other functions are modern and inferior compared to those.

As to these insane progressive officials... well, it takes a certain kind of a person to think of a city as a stable, good idea in the long-term.

Such people are always wrong in the long-term, and often the short term -- residents, cops, etc. Can't fix historical and mathematical illiteracy... but you can charge it rent!

@jeremiah @PorkCow that's a silly way to judge a philosophical view. Not every philosophical fight is worth the consequences at every time period

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow I'm a pragmatist, concerned with what works now.

The high philosophical notions (especially of the anarchist type) with the "other time in history" escape hatch allows neverneverland's cartoon physics when it comes to "what ifs."

Metaphorically, to me, it's like watching footage of Somalia and Minneapolis while listening to someone drone on about bitcoin and the non-aggression principle.

Other than that, a world without coercion and taxation is a fantasy I share.

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow Ok, then I'll make a question, going to the root of this thread:

How do we get from here to a world free of the FBI, CIA, and all taxation related to constitutionally unsupportable operations -- standing army, etc -- in current year, in current circumstances, with current currents in the world?

How do we do that with a world full of retards and globally integrated food supply chains?

(That's why I'm pragmatic about these things.)

@jeremiah @PorkCow something like that takes vigilance after the collapse. Jefferson warned us about this.

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow in other words, you don't see a pragmatic route from a to b. collapse, revolution is required to put this philosophical high ground? (Correct me if I'm misunderstanding your assertion...)

The Jeffersonian ideal after collapse-reset would be where you'd want to be in current world, current year, etc?

@jeremiah @PorkCow might be. The present isn't exactly sustainable.

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow no doubt. that's why things have been in a constant state of change.

To the revolutionary, the question I have is: isn't now the moment to organize, if not begin the revolution... don't all the armchair revolutionaries recognize their numbers? Isn't this the time to press their demands when the goonerment is on the ropes?

... and if not, when? are we waiting for a sign in the stars? The right natural disaster?

Under what circumstances will this philosophizing be practice?

@jeremiah @PorkCow why do you think I'm a revolutionary? What makes you think I believe that's necessary to see the collapse?

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow I'm not accusing you of it. I'm asking where the moment that the high libertarian philosophy goes into practice? What is all the philosophizing for? What is the special day when all of this is something other than wishful thinking?

@jeremiah @PorkCow your questions are based on assumptions I don't join you in.

@leyonhjelm @PorkCow Could you explain your position, then? that's what I'm trying to understand here.

@jeremiah @PorkCow my position on what? You're taking such a leap that I don't know what you are asking.
@leyonhjelm @jeremiah I think Count Chocula is telling you to blow up CIA headquarters with a peace truck.
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