@jeremiah I wonder if anyone will regret that? Probably not. Less pensions to pay.

@PakkonenCT they're still cops, still getting pensions. Buffalo now has no ERT and depends on the sheriff and state cops to make up the difference.

@jeremiah hurrah. You'd think a suspension would be considered light. Not like they fired em.

I guess police should be able to dispense arbitrary violence at any scale they determine on the populace right? :p

@PakkonenCT It's like having a professional brute squad, then the brute squad brutes, then someone suspends two of them, and, in a surprising act of worthy of leftish union martyrs... they refuse to brute.

I'm not going to judge the particular case, the optics are bad. But I have a certain amont of sympathy for people in the position of, "you hired us to do this, we did it, then you sacrificed us in the court of public opinion. fight your own battles, dicks."

@jeremiah I don't disagree with the conclusion. The problem is having a dumb brute squad in the first place.

They could have just taken the dude into custody, grabbed him rather than shoving like they do with the next sign waving crank.


@PakkonenCT In this case, I don't think the brute squad's existence is the brute squad's fault. The brute squad gets brute squad pay or some other distinction (ERT) for precisely this reason.

What would be best is if unelected officials were put in steam-powered spanking machines for every infraction, big and small, of their underlings. Double-time if they try to blame an underling.

As close as we get to utopia relative to government and force: 72 hours, tops. :-)

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