Whistleblower slams Apple for ‘wiretapping entire populations’ after revealing that Siri was listening in on users’ intimate moments and sending recordings to be ‘graded’ by contract workers

* The whistleblower told The Guardian that he listened to inmate conversations
* Now, Thomas le Bonniec has revealed himself in an open letter bashing Apple
* He calls for action to be taken against the firm to stop it and others from spying

@jeremiah >Android at the top of the privacy podium

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah nope, it should be at least as low as iPhone

@coldacid Androids can be flashed to free software or to heavily modified and regulated image.

iPhones are sort of the playskool answer to a phone where the user is both presumed too stupid, as well as actively locked out from making such changes. Give what people pay for these things, I can see why Apple makes such assumptions about their users.

@coldacid @jeremiah

What confuses me about this meme is that "Galaxy" is next to "Android", even though Samsung Galaxy is hardware that runs Android. AFAIK there's no official Android phone (Google Pixel?) so the meme is getting confused.
Also I'm pretty damn sure the Nokia 3310 would be on top.

Of course, Apple loses in both hardware *and* software, since you're unable to repair iphones due to their amazing "irreparable design", er, I mean, "Seamless design".

@jeremiah What's the Alcatel flip phoen Adam recommends?

@PakkonenCT no technical reason it won't. you have a choice of images to run on it.

@jeremiah I think they was an act after 9 11 that allows wire tapping of phone. My memory fails me.

@jeremiah Google listens to everything allegedly to target ads and Apple listens to everything to... whatever.

Kill your smartphone today.

@jeremiah The comic is not perfect but i had to LOL when I saw "shouting." Hahahaha

@jeremiah It's basically the juicetro of the phone world
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