Microsoft's been doing Operating Systems how long? And yet, they still don't have an update mechanism that actually works. 🤦

@PhoneBoy that's debatable. They bought DOS. They bought Xenix. They hired a veteran to do NT kernel... though i think they actually did OS/2 (1.0)

MS has been financing the development of operating systems for a long time. It's even tried a few of its own, but found none worthy of customers. :-)

@jeremiah If this weren't my daughter's computer, I'd flatten it and start over.

@PhoneBoy @jeremiah FOSS folk somehow manage to get updates to work well (pacman, dnf, pkg_add, et alia) working on donations (and a bit of industry cash). It puzzles me why MS can’t seem to get it just a little bit right with all their capital.


@black6_ @PhoneBoy tradition. if you improve your quality of service, people start expecting that. If an MS rep came out and shit themselves on national TV, no one would be surprised at all... so clearly, they'd not want to risk raising, and then having to answer to higher standards.

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