I wonder what % of voters vote right not because they're conservative, but because they're deathly afraid of idiot leftists...

I'll admit, it's tempting.

@Bishop this is a phenomenon. A friend who runs with the lefty SJW crowd, uses the word "bouge" ... recently confessed that she'd voted for Trump in 2016 for precisely this reason.

@jeremiah I mean, I'd be willing to bet Trump and Brexit both got help from this.

"Let's for the team who isn't completely insane, and will do the least amount of damage."

I've always said this is the sad state of politics and why I refuse to participate, but shit, it just keeps getting worse.

I wish there was an "you all suck, pls revote with new candidates" or "you all suck, gov't closed for 4 years" option.

@Bishop there is. As Jello Biafra pointed out, most people don't vote. That is a vote for none of the above, and if the democratic process were respected from that vantage point...

@jeremiah @Bishop There are countless ways the political system could be made more fair from a logical point of view. The fact that none of these things have been implemented tells me that there was no intention for them to be fair or logical in the first place. The system is only there to weaken the revulsion humans naturally have to being exploited. It has been a phenomenal success.

The thing I'm not sure of is what really happens when a person attempts to join the system. My guess is that at some point you either give up and leave, or you become one of them. Or perhaps depending on your model of success you may feel you've done some good in office without giving into corruption. I viewed Ron Paul like this. He was allowed to be the avatar of what sensible people wanted, but ultimately he had no real power.

Perhaps in an alternate universe there is a moral ruling class as default, and the lunatic fringe are allowed to pose as tyrants but with no real effect.

@sarchasm @Bishop My experience with democracy / representative government is that it works best at the small scale. Who is on the school board, the planning commission, and the county commissioner has much more practical effect than who is the president (with rare exceptions.)

People fixate on "the big" without recognizing the utility (and potential) of the little -- where you really do have a franchise of power. Less so in big cities, but in moderate towns and villages -- not bad.

@jeremiah @Bishop The more people you bring into the group the less likely it is to make decisions everyone's going to be happy with. However, I do think people would be happier with a monarch. Bernie Bros, Hillary cat ladies and Trump supporters would all be impressed if their guy went in with an iron fist and did exactly what they campaigned on. Alternating flavors of tyrannies every 4 years might be more exciting than this muddle of everyone's a liar in thrall to hidden powers and nothing you wanted ever happens.

@sarchasm @Bishop the problem there is that we don't have a monarchical culture, so we don't have people who are raised to think dynastically and multigenerationally. It'd take as much social engineering to get _to_ a good monarchy as it did to get _from_ a monarchy to a republic.

Most of the problems we want to fix through government are really social problems and individual problems.

The best thing government can do is stop funding public education.

@jeremiah @sarchasm disagree. Would much prefer if people stayed the fuck out of my pockets.

@Bishop @jeremiah @sarchasm I'm pretty sure he said stop paying for public schools.

@jeremiah @leyonhjelm @sarchasm indeed it is. Most of the public schools aren't so great anyway. The America went from among the top to among the bottom in 50 years.


@Bishop @leyonhjelm @sarchasm
Depends on what you imagine schools are for. From my crackpot perspective, schools are publicly funded social engineering.

Nevermind that it's far out of scope for reasonable taxation, it's social engineering.

Nevermind the poor results -- look at the functional illiteracy, gender unicorns, and a generation seeking safespaces...

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