@jeremiah yo, I know theosophy refers to the attempt to justify all the evil in the world if there is an omnibenevolent, etc. god, but...
I’m liking theophany day. So, the part of the word ‘theo’ refers to a god and ‘phany’, whose root, possibly, is ‘phanos’ in Greek, I forget the meaning or if it is even a Greek word. Hmmm.

@ProfWorr theosophy and theophany are unrelated. theosophy is a kook new age cult from the turn of the century. Theophany.

Phanos -- "to be manifest" -- theophany "God made manifest".

@jeremiah I know they’re different but you’re wrong about theosophy, regardless of its current form it refers to a very, very old philosophical question

@ProfWorr the literal meaning of theosophy is something like "god-study." It's oldest use is the 17th century, in which it has an orthodox/catholic context.

In the 19th century, a bunch of occult kooks called the Theosophical society formed. The term now refers largely to that. cf. Helena Blavatsky & henchmen.

@jeremiah in a different form, of course, then formed differently in Latin, let me try to find you the Plato, also (I think) Plutarch’s minor, Aristotle but before these.

@jeremiah the sophists were a group of philosophers, that word related to, derivation of ‘sophia’ which was stigmatized and became something like vacuous rhetoric, sophistry

@ProfWorr I've also got a classics background, quite aware... i was interested in the prechristian uses of the term theosophy if you can cite some...

@jeremiah you are awesome. This is such a rich realm. Yes, I think I can find w a prior syllabus from a class, NOT I taught, I took. We had this guy Larry Kim at UW who did this stuff


@ProfWorr and i don't mean cite chapter and verse -- just -- if you can remember the book, philosopher(s), school(s) involved, that'd be plenty.

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