Today I learned about...
"A real Linux distribution for phones and other mobile devices."

@jeremiah And some of the first words on the page are "it doesn't work" so there's some "real Linux" for ya! (joking) really not "real" until there's a "stable" release.

Also it claims, "We are sick of not receiving updates shortly after buying new phones."

Well I'm sick of people complaining about this! I hate feature/OS updates, they usually ruin things. Don't buy a phone that doesn't have the features you want hoping they'll be added later! (security updates are good of course)

@harvhat Firstly, the utility of a given feature changes over time, but the basic general purpose computer that is a phone doesn't.

To consider it a tied package is to think of it like a wrapper that is no longer valuable once you've eaten the burger in it.

The updates aren't just features -- it's also things like locking down critical security problems or updating keychains so you can visit a website without cert warnings.

Finally, old phones often have features new ones don't.

@jeremiah Very few updates are those things. I have no problem with security updates and other house keeping updates like that.

Most people who complain are doing it because of feature updates they perceive they want/need. Also update frequently ruin the UI. If I want a new OS or UI I'd buy a new phone.

@harvhat i guess it's a matter of different perspectives. if i want a new ui, i install a new UI or OS on my current computer. I hate buying new hardware.

I guess if "it's a phone," then it's a commodity. If "it's a general-purpose computer", then it becomes a flexible thing over which you (theoretically) have some agency.

@jeremiah I might install a totally different OS Like a linux), that's not the kind of updates I meant. I'm talking about updating from androidX to androidY. Newer OSs never work as well on older devices (this is by design) and they change the user experience.

The OS is tied to the hardware a lot more for phones than it is for desktops or laptops. Hence why with PostmarketOS "Calls don't work, etc. Only suitable for hackers."

I might try Librem 5 for my next phone.

@harvhat we're pretty much at the stage where we can roll our own phones: the components are there, but kit phones never quite have the elegance or size benefits (not to mention graphics and speed) of commodity smartphones.

I'm waiting for that kind of platform -- I don't care if it's a creaky open cpu on a soviet-ass phone platform with 800x600 graphics... as long as it does _what I want_ and nothing else at all. :-)

@jeremiah @harvhat sailfishOS is the old Nokia Maemo developers. Can’t get it in the US (patents?) but can run on some old Sony hardware.

@ReadyKilowatt @harvhat One of the Russian companies distributes Sailfish... but we can't get it here except on those old Sonys and the rarer antiquated Jolla import.

I'd love a Russian language Sailfish phone.

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