@Huggles @jeremiah America is doomed. All *I* need to know about this story is that Amazon is using the authority position of police, enlisted as salespeople, to foist untrustworthy surveillance equipment onto the public. It shouldn't even be a story, weeks later. Everyone should be re-programming or returning their devices if they were duped into buying them.

@progo @Huggles I can understand why people want the solution; but I think neighborhoods would be generally safer if it was well known that most people in it were armed bastards.

"A city is well-fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick." -Lycurgus

@jeremiah @Huggles brick or stone walls with sentinels on top are also useful.


@progo @Huggles If we're accessorizing, skip the bullshit and let's get straight to boiling oil and alligator moats.

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