Lent: the time of year when Filet-o-fish is your friend.

@grocerybag Arby's has one, too. Of course, Arby's and Wendy's are the same company.

This is the only time of year I eat much fast-food... even in the middle of lent, I am not tempted by Wendy's, Arby's, or McDonald's "meat product" sandwiches. Though Culvers makes a passable burger.

@jeremiah @grocerybag
Remember jesus died for his own sins not yours... My advice keep eating meat, because the way you seem to be carrying on you'd think you were muslims afraid to eat anything not halal.

@irritable @grocerybag That's a perspective I don't share. Jesus isn't especially well-known for his sins, most people can't list one to accuse him of, though you and Patti Smith seem to think so in similar words. On April 28th, meat is back on the menu.

@irritable @jeremiah @grocerybag The writer of that Facebook rant page seems to be obsessed with figurative and judgmental language written decades later and attributed to Jesus of Nazareth; I don't see how you can pin that on the man.

The Angry Jesus incident where he assaulted the money changers and sacrifice vendors in the Temple -- priceless. I've always loved that story. Sin or not, it does show he was human.

The rant writer needs to learn to edit better.

@irritable @grocerybag My faith is not "in the bible." That's a collection of important texts, but it is not the faith, and some surface criticism of the text doesn't begin to address context, culture, etc. 500 characters is not sufficient for a proper response, and better ones have been written by others.

In short, your Facebook link is not the QED to me that it appears to be to you.

@grocerybag there's no irony in recognizing a weak argument whether or not you're personally invested in it. :-)

@jeremiah Whats the rad count off those fish? I'm getting tired of passing up the deals at Captain Jacks. I need to build me a pocket Geiger counter.

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