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I don't like YouTube much, but I **really** don't like the "recommended videos" sidebar!

And I ****REALLY**** don't like the "BRIGHT_SIDE" channel it keeps trying to get me to watch! I hate these titles, thumbnails, and especially the view count (all of their videos are like this)😭

@MutoShack stay logged out and use a private window to view YouTube. You can get different stupid recommendations this way!


Yeah, that usually just gets me "Top 10 _____ you won't BELIEVE exist!" with a half-naked anime girl in the thumbnail (and of course, random red arrows & circles) 🤔

Jeremiah @jeremiah

@MutoShack I'd like something that searches for variations of the phrase, "Top 10 *" "13 * you won't believe" etc. and simply replace the containing DIV with a picture of Fred Rogers.

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Yes, I think we need this 👍

"Top 10 ancient underwater discoveries made this year"

@MutoShack Maybe a rotating cache of Fred pictures, scenes from his show.

Picture Alex from Clockwork Orange with the eye-props -- being forced to watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood reruns.

This would be life under my dictatorship. :-)