How racist that you guys have a "black" market... we don't make those distinctions here!

Venezuelan Army Releases Video of ‘Intense Training’ to ‘Scare Off’ U.S. Military Forces. It Fails.

I really hope this story is true. I want it verified that most dictators are basically Ed Wood clones with the backing of generals.


New Jersey bans cashless stores
"Less than two weeks ago, Philadelphia became the first U.S. city to ban cashless stores, and now, New Jersey is following suit. On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation outlawing cash-free restaurants and stores in the Garden State, NBC reportsthis link opens in a new tab—making it the second state to do since since Massachusetts banned them in 1978."


Poor Jimmy Acosta of #CNN... Didn't get to ask a question in today's presser and is crying about it... Here Jimmy, fill this out and give it to your boss..

**Canada cracks down on asylum seekers crossing U.S.-Canadian border**

"Canada said on Tuesday it planned to spend an additional C$1.2 billion ($902 million) over five years to stem the flow of irregular migrants from the United States, which has become a political threat to the Liberal …"


#news #bot

1993: "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

2019: "why can't you stop bad mans posting video?"


Generally that's about as complex as it gets down under... when Australian ISPs are instructed to block piracy sites (by law) then all they do is block the DNS to those sites.


Fun Fact for Credit Union members

Most of you probably receive, on behalf of your credit union, marketing for life insurance programs and similar finacials.

What you may not know is that (some) of your unions are sharing even your credit rating for marketing purposes.

They probably also failed to let you know that you can opt-out. If you're getting a bunch of crap, call your Credit Union and demand to opt-out of all marketing and sharing of your information with third parties for marketing.

@jeremiah @EdwardTorvalds
Please stop saying that restricted license copyrighted materials are "copyrighted materials". In the USA virtually every creative work not owned by the government is copyrighted automatically when it comes into existence. "All rights reserved" is the default. Or the creator attaches another license to it.

When your ISP builds routing tables from extreme circumstances and feelings. (And when you know what DNS is.)

Jeremiah's famous Lent Sandwich
* Several medallions of polenta fried in grapeseed oil, dusted with your favorite spices*
* finely diced tomatoes w/ cilantro, lemon juice, shallots
* 4-5 finely shredded Kalamata olives
* Two thick slices of sourdough
* a few raisins or a bit of shredded pineapple

Kalamata olive mass, then tomato salsa, then polenta, a small bit of shredded pineapple or raisins between the two slices, served immediately hot.

*Cayenne, W & B Pepper, Paprika, Garlic powder, Salt.

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