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Freedom Fest - The Emergency Meeting II with Co-hosts Dave Rubin & Mark Skousen
(live as of posting)

Debate Summary: Wallace, Biden, Trump = Shemp, Curly, Moe. Trump was totally Moe.

"we can do a little political theater"
Hot mic w/ Rep. Wendy Ullman (D-PA) & Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA)

First candidate to candidate debate without (much) moderation in decades. 4/5 would recommend to 2024.

Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme: "Car is full" of absentee ballots

"COVID-19 mutation may be evolving to bypass mask-wearing, hand-washing." Evolution! At this rate, it may even bypass mostly peaceful protesting!

Donuts of Stupidity
> Seattle: Drivers doing doughnuts outside the Space Needle hit people. Police have not responded to the lawlessness. They are occupied with antifa rioters in Capitol Hill.

While this is business advice, it is actually very good personal advice as well: Tell your own story.

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