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People that wear their masks in their cars are within 6' of themselves, and other important revelations with JP.

if "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racist, then ☯️ is miscegenation.

@Viking @ProfWorr My grandfather and father were both general contractors. Into the early 1980s, they paid a wage of $10-15/hr for roofers (that would be ~$45/hr in today's money.) Today, El Jefe is paying workers $8-$15/hr, and hiring is done essentially through reference among illegals.

In the higher-paying work, a job will be listed for warm bodies for H1B, and listed as "entry level" but requiring "5 years experience and a master's degree" for the same stateside listing.

Anyone know of (other than sources of high quality public-domain/royalty free orchestral/choral/"classical" music?

"Capitalism is Racial Capitalism" according to a black Marxist. Also, Slavery.

"uh, the the the and uh the the the and heteropatriarchy"
-Angela Davis, revolutionary.

Arsenic & Old Lace (1962 TV movie)
With Boris Karloff as Jonathan Brewster, Tony Randall as Mortimer Brewster, Tom Bosley as Teddy Brewster

Small fireworks are retarded unless you're pulling a prank.

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