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House Blessing completed. The air is still thick with rich church incense, priest everything hit with a Byzantine water pistol.

Devo - It Doesn't Matter to Me
"Hey lady have you heard the news? You can burn your wig and burn your shoes: it doesn't matter to me."

"In a transparency report released last week, [] revealed that because of “jurisdictional” issues, it decided not to comply with the single request for DNA data it received in 2019. It shows how, whilst a privacy hot potato, genetic data from such companies isn’t as crucial to law enforcement as many had predicted it would become. Not yet, anyway. Previously, rivals have been told to hand over data to law enforcement."

Twitter "hate Incident" ruled disproportionate interference with the right to freedom of expression.

-11f (-24C) tonight, then spring starts next week-ish.

ARP 2600: The Peoples' Synthesizer.
Especially interesting is Pete Townsend plugging his guitar into the ARP and... Who knew?

$1 for a building Milwaukee? (Hint: it will still be in Milwaukee after the sale, and so will you.)
“It allows a person to be able to purchase a city property for one dollar and they can get a forgivable loan of up to $25,000 to rehab that property,” said Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs, who represents Milwaukee’s 6th District.

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