ITM y'all! I am only 12 subscribers from 12K on the Animated No Agenda YouBoob channel.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. . .I know I shouldn't give two hoots about YouBoob, but it seems like a nice milestone to cross before the show's 14th anniversary.

If you haven't yet subscribed, I would so appreciate it!


@jennifer Done. But I guess I wasn’t the magic click to put it over the top.

@jennifer he's actually an NA listener and likes to chirp back at the foamer screaming on the zephyr report.

@jennifer Congrats! Cool milestone. I adore your videos. You're so talented and clever! TYFYC!

@jennifer JCD says:"You will subscribe. You will subscribe..."

@jennifer I think you're getting hosed from Google. I haven't been getting my alerts or even showing in my feed. I think spreading the good word is getting you shadow banned.


It's totally possible there is a bit of a shadow-ban (you're one of several people who've told me they don't get alerts etc). . .but to be fair, I did take a 2 month break between the last 2 ANAs.

I haven't been doing very well with the work/life/hobbies balancing, but hoping I am turning a corner this month. :)

@jennifer Done. And congrats! You produce amazing work and have amazing talent. Im really impressed. I hope you reach way more success from your channel.

Best of luck.

@jennifer As Youtubes isn’t Chicago, sadly I can only subscribe once…

@jennifer I will boost this toot because I dont have a youtube account. Tyfyc!

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