ITM y'all! I was on another episode of Wheel of Topics. They asked me back!

Goodness knows why 😂 I think I am the laugh-track?

Also I am not sunburned, just have rosacea (I need that invermectin John keeps recommending!) and blush pretty much 80% of any given day.

This is a fun show y'all. . .you should check it out!

Hopefully on NATube soon too! @agates is "doing the work" re: PC 2.0 on that site! Good stuff.

cc: @PaulTheBookGuy

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Redness on the cheeks and around the nose caused by small red bumps or spider veins can be addressed with the cell salt Kali Muriaticum or Potassium Chloride. Kali Mur forms fibrin which, together with platelets, causes blood to clot and plug a wound. Whenever there is a condition that causes blood to thicken unnecessarily, there is a Kali Mur deficiency. Also great for chicken skin or keratosis pilaris, tiny bumps of dead skin, mostly appearing on upper arms and thighs.

@jennifer @agates thanks for reminding me Jen, I’ll upload them all to no agenda tube soon. I was for some reason thinking the livestream would be saved there.

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