ITM y'all! Here's the latest ANA - hang in there. . .it's our longest one yet!

I had a personal motive to do this one for my Momma who is in SA TX and is blaming all politicians with Rs by their name for the week's failures.

Probably won't convince her, but definitely the best break-down I've heard of the issues (as is true for -everything- on No Agenda!).

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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I got the first like on the Tube. Woohoo! This bathroom break was my destiny. I am fulfilled. And also emptied.

Scheduling an outage can increase our profits when done properly.
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@adam @Johncdvorak

@jennifer @adam @Johncdvorak I just wanted to say thank you for ANA. It's been the best way to share No Agenda with my beautiful bride as she cannot find a way to ingest 6 hours of any media during the week. Its been a wonderful way to share highlights from the show in digestible bits and is great conversation fuel.

ANA did get me run off Twitter, by my own sister, but hey that's actually a Good Thingโ„ข ๐Ÿ˜‚

Keep 'em coming!


LGY! Always my motivation - propagate the formula!

Sorry about the bird site run off. . .but as you say, probably for the best! :)

@adam @Johncdvorak

@jennifer Thanks for your hard work.

Another good take on the power issues in Texas according to Director of Power The Future Daniel Turner.


Dynamite. This is a really important segment, too. Like the pipelines but with much more direct consequences to our daily lives. Everyone needs to prepare for this scenario, cuz it's coming.

@adam @Johncdvorak

@Genen Me too, as long as it's equal blame across both parties. . .she thinks it's only Republicans involved.


When you only listen to one party talk about the other, that's always where it leads



I always do :)

I'll put out those links later today.

Lately Bitchute has been taking over a week to publish.

@agates Excellent! On par with YouBoob so far. Maybe slightly longer (I haven't gotten my stop-watch out yet LOL), but really great compared to other platforms. :)

Still remains my favorite alternative to YT even though my views are not very high there - yet! It's just nice to have a place to post them that feels made for NA. :)

@jennifer I scaled down the resources to be more cost effective, but can always scale back up if there is demand and interest.

I'm actually surprised by the # of views so far, definitely people using it. Bandwidth is definitely not an issue so far.

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