ITM y'all! Show day! Tune in NOW! The Animation Studios finally got another clip completed after scrapping one in progress. We're officially on lock-down here in Charleston. Luckily, we can listen to TBPITU and maybe even get a bonus clip out over the weekend. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak


Thank you! I have a great "script!" So much fun to help propagate the formula. 😁

@adam @Johncdvorak


I don't know if anyone used any code, but as I understand it, a nice group of producers opened multiple browsers in private mode etc and just started the "all videos" playlist and we popped right back up. :)

@adam @Johncdvorak

Respect for asking people to do something they CAN do for a good cause @jennifer

@jennifer @batcatdad @adam @Johncdvorak I volunteer my services.Being prior military, I don't take this lightly, experienced ranks don't f'ing volunteer.


TYFYC! Here is the link to the channel:

There is a "play all" link at the top. Feel free to just play in background in multiple browsers to fool the algos. :)

@batcatdad @adam @Johncdvorak

@jennifer @adam @Johncdvorak wow, that looks great. That's also a lot of work. Well done


Thank you - we have a whole channel that you can use to try and propagate the formula:


@jennifer still no bitcoin donation button and no pomeranian doggos in videos, so there is room for improvement

@jennifer I have not listened to the NAS for a while, missed out a bit I see. Who makes these animations?

@hoppahoppa I do. I'm not a professional animator or anything, but I have a client who wanted me to investigate animations for some online course work I do for them and I used show clips to learn the tool.

Then I fell in love with doing them so I get one out as often as I can. :)

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