. . .aaand we're back. Thank you to ALL who played the clips in the background while you were working and helped SO MUCH. We'll see what happens to our recommended vs click % this week.

I scrapped the clip I was working on (too much WuFlu). The one I am now doing is WuFlu-adjacent and will have a small delay but maybe will be out before tomorrow's show. No promises, but trying.

Just wanted to thank y'all for the clicks today. I LOVE my tribe! xoxo


@jennifer You rock Jen!

What is the font you use? I want to start using that!


@jennifer This is great - I think only one other time in my life I installed a font other than the core ones, and now I have done it twice just now!

Both are much better than Comic Sans 🤮 ... and have a better story behind it!

@adam It was the TRIBE who kicked it. So glad I asked for help - OF COURSE they came through.

@adam @jennifer Sadly, the algos will fight back. That's why it's vital to hit people in the mouth in every way we can.

TYFYC, Dame Jennifer!

@jennifer @adam have a friend you pushes out video game commentary. He plays the game but talks about current events ‘and such’. He pushed one video and said Corona flu. Not in the title, no where in the description. Immediately was demonized. He now calls it the beer flu with impunity:)


Yeah, the stupid algos are in charge these days. ANA isn't monetized, so we don't risk losing money but we definitely dropped off of the recommended list for a short time.

The latest one I published today is WuFlu-adjacent (about tracking apps), but I didn't put any virus text in the title or description. We'll see how it does. . .



In sync? In what regards? Not being monetized? Then yes. We want to stay a little under the radar.

@mwklein @adam

@jennifer it comes to money and donations you have discussed with adam and jcd ?

@yukiame John created a special PayPal link for me so they can see if someone donates via the YT page.

I have donation options here:

@jennifer @adam yeah this guy has 737k subs. He immediately regretted the mistake of saying the few words that are verboten.

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