I think ANA has been put in the YouBoob penalty box. Views waaaay down the last 6 hours. 😞

I know it's still very early morning for most of the US, but hourly views have never been this low, even at this time of day.

Freaking stupid algos. Boo hiss.


@CSB possibly? Not entirely sure. Someone or many someones probably didn't like the latest clip and maybe reported it (although the likes vs dislikes for it aren't bad).

I haven't had an email from YT but the proof is in the numbers.

@jennifer I have heard rumors that algos demonetize and downgrade videos with mention of coronavirus

maybe whole channel degraded due to this mention

but also somebody could report “wrong” reporting about corona to YouTube without giving thumbs down

@CSB Yeah, good point. . .but I was really hoping we'd stay under the radar by not being monetized.

Now I am totally rethinking the clip I was working on for the next upload.

Stupid YT! GRRRR.

@jennifer YouTube algos have machine learning : don’t put words “coronavirus” neither in sound nor in text, otherwise sentinels will hunt you down to China town

maybe record / use replacement wording , code words? 🤷‍♂️

@CSB Too bad my favorite replacement word would be WuFlu which will likely also get flagged.

@jennifer @adam

Was anything posted right before the throttling?


Last clip was several days ago (Friday the 20th). I'm still busy with work, despite the shut-down so down to one clip a week.

I'm guessing someone complained and since the algos are running things now, we're on the banned list.


@DrChris @adam

I can't really watch at work right now, but I've turned on the ANA and just let it play in the background.

@jennifer @adam just set a calendar alert to watch...that will be my mid-morning break....

@Droopinheimer @jennifer I launched the YT on my work Mac, while VPNed, and NOT signed in and ANA was on the recommended pannel.


hmmmm. . .ok, so maybe not shadowbanned? Still a very weird major drop though. Was YT down somewhere in the world earlier today?

Thanks for the data!!


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