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ITM y'all! Time to get your amygdala ready for another healing show tomorrow. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Just occurred to me, Adam Curry’s little petri dish is in the process of turning into a thriving colony of No Agenda comrades. And we care about each other, to boot. We all should be pretty happy about this..
Thanks, @adam

ITM y'all! Had time for a short animation today even though it wasn't really a holiday for me. . .just quieter than a normal Monday. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Everybody boost this. Adam Curry on Joe Rogan, March 3rd.


@aighead I hear the same... it’s because the audio engineering by @adam is so freaking good!


ha ha ha - just heard the mention on the show of tagging the President on a tweet of the latest animated clip. Great idea! That would be OMG ahhh-mazing. :) Maybe Don Jr too? How fun would that be?!

And believe it or not, there are 29 clips on Animated No Agenda! I can't believe it myself!


ITM y'all! Time to get your amygdala ready for another healing show tomorrow. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

@woodstock - You're getting a lot of love on the bird site. This is just one example.

Y'all, the NoAgendaExperience site is an OUTSTANDING product.


Is it possible to get some Clash tomorrow for the pre-show? I will be home working and could use some disgruntled, chaotic classic rock.

My current mood and likely tomorrow's mood as well.

Caught the WuFlu and trying to kill it with bourbon so I can actually work tomorrow. I so rarely get sick. . .super angry about it right now.

I would request Buddy Guy's rendition of Fever but I think it's not quite what you're looking for in the R&R pre-show. Currently at 101. :(

@MountainJay Knocking it out of the park on show art again today!

ITM y'all! The newsletter's out which must mean tomorrow is another Thursday and show day! Hope you are staying clear of the Wuhan Flu. *Cough Cough* TYFYC!

If you produced the jingle, pls let me know for credit!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak


Are you the creator of the Bob Seger Wuhan Flu song? I tagged the wrong NAS account in this thread.

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ITM y'all - need some help. If you are or know the creator of the new "Wuhan Flu" (Bob Seger edition) played last episode, I would be grateful. I emailed Adam, but just saw he has Moe Factz tonight and likely won't have time to see and reply.

Please do not tag Adam in your answer since I already emailed him.


@dcgirl Ha ha ha - love the new moniker. . .I am guessing they spotted the spook from your meetup and picked you? Can't wait.

ITM y'all! Tomorrow is another Thursday and another show day! Hope you enjoy this latest animation from episode 1210. TYFYC!

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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