Over/Under on 2023 as the year of the first lawsuit for hot coffee dropped on somebody’s head from a drone

Chinese space junk could burn up on re entry, or it could remain in tact. But don’t worry the only latitudes in danger are between New York and New Zealand. Trust the Science!


Anton Oshner paralyzed and killed his own grandchildren to profit off his vaccine manufacturing stock. But I’m sure Big Pharma is really concerned about the general public’s safety!

Undermine that JnJ vax because they need more test subjects for that mRNA jont

538 Podcast at 28m mark overcast.fm/+dwIyKRQHs/28:11

We’re already past the 6-8 month point where historically vaccine side effects are known. So of course now we know ThEsE nEw eXpErImEnTaL vaxxes R t0tally c00l -nO s1dE effeX EVER happen 1 or 2 years later!

Crypto Pro Tip: If you want to move crypto between exchanges, convert it to XLM if available on both ends. The fees to move it around are typically lower than most other mainstream crypto currencies.

Still waiting on that Neanderthal thinking SuRgE in TX

Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines • Children's Health Defense childrenshealthdefense.org/def

From @PeterSchiff on Twitter:

“If requiring citizens to show photo IDs to vote is racist, then requiring citizens to file Federal Income Tax returns is also racist. The latter is more involved, takes more time, and requires more knowledge and understanding of laws and accounting than does applying for an ID.”

CD230: The New World Order vs China


In this episode Jennifer reads sections of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Coronabus which are allocating billions of dollars to multinational corporations and the Military-Industrial Complex, and more in a bid to stop China’s challenge to the 'rules based international order', aka the liberal world order, aka the New World Order.

Morning Roundup: Maryland Will See A 33% Reduction In COVID Vaccine Allotment Next Week


Italy mandated healthcare workers be vaccinated. because they just have to protect those who...”MAY be MORE EXPOSED to the RISK of infection,” the government said in a statement. 🤡

Somehow Scott Adams doesn’t realize the difference between requiring a nasal swab vs requiring untested gene therapy to take a flight

Steven Yuen hasn’t seen a script involving burning buildings he hasn’t liked

The PA Attny Gen hinted at censuring any defense lawyers who questioned election integrity 👌🏽

Doh! Biden just called her “President Harris” again!

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