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Just had a friend of my wife's get triggered when I told her I voted for Trump. She didn't hear that I voted for Nader twice, or that I would have voted for Bernie. Nope just got up and left the room.

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any fellow dudes named ben out there have any suggestions on how to get local copies of nook books? looks like i'm about 5 years late to this download party. i can't find them on my andriod, nook, and nook for pc seems to be depricated. am i lost?

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If the user can read it, they have the key and they can decrypt and copy it.

TV pirates that use Netflix and Hulu as sources download, decrypt, and share the original encoded files without a video compression step and generation loss.

They use top secret tools that only a few people are allowed to access.

I wonder how much maintenance has to be done on the tools and what would happen if they were leaked.


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@adam stay in your pod slave! This is like those federal work camps. Come and go as you please during the day and you're back at night.

"And there are some ground rules: Lights out at 10 pm, and no guests allowed.

'You can't invite any friends over,' she says. 'Sorry. Just make new ones here.' "


Ha, that's what I get for hashtagging. As I hit "TOOT!" I saw the misspelling.

Listening to 1149 where @adam talks about measels news going away after the mandatory law got past. Subsequent to this broadcast Rockland County NY extended it's emergency declaration for a 5th time. Can't speak to news stories on a national level but measels and other diseases have been a concern here for over a decade. Their population growth just fueled the fire in recent years.

Finished parts I and II of "the new confessions of an economic hitman"

If even a fraction of this is true it is terrifying, infuriating, humbling, surprising, yet somehow expected that this is the world we live in

Take your "controlled demolition" theories of 9/11 and shove them up your ass. This makes the most sense of anything I've yet heard

We couldn't cripple them, so we funded them, we both needed each other. When they did shit that was bad to us we let it happen cause elites got $$$

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USS Discovery Has Been Alone for 1000 Years - Star Trek "Calypso"


I guess they forgot where they parked. Kirk in ST IV was right.

@dcgirl I think this article really sums up the gray area we live in society today. These problems are hard and I think that's why we devolve into name calling as opposed to trying to fix them.


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