What's your favorite Christmas song? Mine is O Holy Night. I've been with my wife 19 years and she never knew that about me.

@jco42 not really a Ben, but I've been running various Linux distros (arch, antergos, and Ubuntu) on a used Dell XPS 13 and have been happy. Only real issue to report is that there are some hdpi scaling (display issue) tweaks you have to do manually. Overall I recommend the product.

to all the Ben's and Bernadette's out there...thinking of a present for my wife. Looking for a used laptop that can run linux well. I know ThinkPads are always high on the list. Looking for light and good battery life. Any recommendations?

DIY 12v LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery


hmm so it says

Lead Acid: 500-1K Charge Cycles.
LiFePO4: 3KL-5K cycles
Li2TiO3: 20K cycles

Not totally better: heavy, $$$, inefficient? but temp benefits and charge cycles may make them good for radio tower sites.

Local NBC news anchor here in NY ended a story about the protests against pension reform in France by stating that "the French pension system is like social security here in the United States."

Really? 44 different systems in France vs 2 here in the US? I'm counting railroad retirement also.

Over simplified analysis at best and disingenuous at worst.

@jco42 @ned @Klaatu if anyone thinks for a second that someone who didn't want the alerts in the first place is even going to give a fuck, then they're sadly mistaken.

It's exactly this sort of bullshit that makes the left increasingly unpopular, and ironically, is why Trump won and Brexit was voted for.

The loudest people are often the most annoying, and in the end, the silent majority will have its way.

@jco42 @adam @Johncdvorak we just need the “Tech news” bumpers on either end of the segment and Dvorak’s disingenuousness would be expected 😆

@black6_ @Johncdvorak Don’t worry. Won’t happen again for another two years

We're the magic 33 away from 3,000 subscribers on Animated No Agenda. Thank you to the NA Nation! 😀


Lol. Just tried to have a reasonable discussion about Amber Alerts with a co-worker. She got extremely defensive and said people should be arrested for turning them off. (In Canada, the CRTC doesn't allow you to turn them off)

We can't even have discussions about respecting the freedom to make personal choices.

This is why we can't have nice things.

@Bishop So tell her you'll just tell the guy if you see him that they're looking for him with an amber alert so he runs more. Now lemme turn this shit off (which 99% of the time is for someone far far away I'll never see anyway nor remember to look for.) oh and every drivethru or cash register now is "would you like to donate to xyz?" No, I need to save my nickles and dimes. And if I didn't I'd still want to know their distribution levels & write it off my taxes as a lump donation. I no sign up!


Ugh...I wish there was an edit feature... That would be "fun" :-)

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The NYT has a fun piece in the styles section today about Gen X that was fun to take the trip down memory lane with. They linked to this article about a style writer (29) who lived a week as it was in 1994. Basically going OTG and reaping the same benefits that @adam has spoken about.


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