Love the message on website. Come join our open and free internet, except if your are a trumpbot.

@jbstrick oh no they're exercising freedom of association what a travesty
@kakol @jbstrick companies don't have to do business with everyone either. the same freedom of association applies.
@kakol @jbstrick sorry our ethics aren't compatible, you'd be violating my terms of service.

@xj9 @kakol @jbstrick “Sorry, your ethics aren’t compatible with my bakery’s terms of service.” Sorry, world doesn’t work that way, now stop discriminating and host our Nazi content.

@kakol @jbstrick > thinking an anarchist would care about a court ruling

@xj9 @jbstrick Why would an anarchist care about the rights of corperations 🤡

@kakol @jbstrick it matters because i wouldn't want my cooperative hosting to be available to folks who can't abide by our pacifist and egalitarian terms of service

@xj9 @kakol @jbstrick Amazing how quickly “anarchists” will suck corporate dick so quickly after bashing them. Almost like they have no consistency whatsoever.

@xj9 @jbstrick ...and we're exercising the freedom to criticize their choice in (dis-)association. I'm guessing with that avi you wouldn't support the freedom of association for cake bakers, or really anyone else you don't already agree with. Keep name-dropping my principles and raising awareness for them though!
@amaranthus @jbstrick

oh like forcing a boomer baker to make a gay cake? that's stupid and very authoritarian behavior that i couldn't condone even if i wanted to.
@amaranthus @jbstrick

what kind of babby anarchists have you been talking to?
@xj9 @jbstrick Maybe I misjudged, but one doesn't have to look far (at least outside fedi) to find these "babby anarchists" you speak of.

@xj9 very true. However, you would think a business would word it better.

“We have the right to discontinue service for any customer who does not abide by the following... except if you want to post Anime porn... then it’s ok with us.”


You don't believe in corporate "free association" and if you did, you would object to anti-discrimination laws.

@jbstrick I hope Alex's alternative comes online soon. What a bunch of masto-shitheads.
@jbstrick Isn't that the same what Twitter and Facebook are doing?

@jbstrick everyone loves free speech until the fentanyl boomers come knocking.

@jbstrick right.... they should but a 😉 at the end

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