Just in case you're in a bubble, here's this thing, which appears real, and jives with some of my personal experiences with extremely disassociated ppl.

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@jazzilla and friends of mine wonder why I don't live in America anymore.

When you left, did you take on a new job, a new language, everything new, all at once?

@jazzilla haven't had a real job since 2004, came here in 2007, married a smoking hot Slovak girl in 2012 and I still don't speak the language because my mother in law speaks no English, why would I mess that up. ;)

@SirSeanofSlovakia @jazzilla And now you just spend your days being Hunter S. Thompson?

@adam He is my idol. I am just not as good as a writer as he is but I make up for it with photography skills. ;)


Wow what a charming individual. He’s a living representation of “I could happen here” to boot.

@Jagahati ya, the real time hypocrisy I think is a sign of dissociation. I see it a lot. Could be real demonic stuff...

@WidowGarrett ya, I posted to break the bubble that can develop in here.

@jazzilla We love our bubbles don’t we!

A saying commonly heard around here back in the day - Get out of my Bubble!

@jazzilla The bubble is real
You have to be very careful who you talk to about this stuff.

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