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My Propaganda reading list. Things that made a big difference to me (all free on inet)

1. [Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jaques Ellul] The intro by Konrad Kellen 1965 (9 paragraphs, 5mins)

2.[Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann 1921] a little long, but even just part 1 instructs why we have "news"

3. [Deception Maxims: Fact & Folklore, CIA 1980] primer for CIA deception tactics, very short and instructive

I'll add to this as I get time... /1

Matthew on the and forces of behind . This has happened before,
"People project too much power on to the oligarchs control..., and : how we might stop the once again"

Once you know the powers of public health in your state, this becomes a clear threat

Back checking April+ MLB clips on YouTube, they are bending over backwards to keep this off screen

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Pre southern college football season, How many baseball home games were played before dozens of thousands of ppl for:
Miami, Tampa Bay, Houston, Arlington (Rangers)? More cities?

Stavanger, Norway - Saturday September 25. Five hours after all Covid restrictions were lifted.

Neil Oliver: 'There’s fear in the air. The strongest smell of fear is emanating not from the ordinary people, but from the leaders... They are frightened. You can smell it. Smells like victory.'

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Attention the govt wants to put a massive tax on vapor products! Imagine paying $80 TAX on a bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid!! Yea this is bad.... Even if you don't vape this is ridiculous help us stop this.

I'm only posting this bc I love the caption. Otherwise, it's just more of the same insane lying.

Here's part of BLM NYC protesting Carmine's over alleged racism steming from

Add all the treatments, whistleblowers, doctors, scientists, and academics... all their urgent messages to this list.
That's the magnitude of the that accompanies our .

An hour of calling pharmacies to get the FDA approved Comirnaty "vaccine" to comply with employer mandate.

Spoiler: Schrodinger's FDA approval

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