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My Propaganda reading list. Things that made a big difference to me (all free on inet)

1. [Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jaques Ellul] The intro by Konrad Kellen 1965 (9 paragraphs, 5mins)

2.[Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann 1921] a little long, but even just part 1 instructs why we have "news"

3. [Deception Maxims: Fact & Folklore, CIA 1980] primer for CIA deception tactics, very short and instructive

I'll add to this as I get time... /1

If the dutch rebellion got honest/any media coverage, this is what it would say

The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA played America (2007)

Despite the passage of time since the book’s release, it is a pertinent read for its exposure of the M.O. of the CIA’s ideological campaigns and the role of a section of liberal intelligentsia in supporting it. One gets a picture of the ferociously antidemocratic and reactionary operations of US imperialism and its intelligence apparatus, a clear demonstration of the thoroughly criminal and deceitful nature of the US corporate government.

If you think food must be "sustainable", you're an idiot.

The Epstein rabbit hole goes DEEP! Expert on the topic, Whitney Webb painstakingly details how intelligence agencies were involved, Epstein’s ties to Israel, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Disney’s ties to Epstein, Epstein’s little black book, and how blackmail is the currency of corruption in the US

"the government doesn't use social media to monitor, control, and propagandize you, shut up cOnSpiRacY tHeOriSt! I'm gonna keep putting political messages there to cHanGe pEoPle'S minds."

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