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My Propaganda reading list. Things that made a big difference to me (all free on inet)

1. [Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jaques Ellul] The intro by Konrad Kellen 1965 (9 paragraphs, 5mins)

2.[Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann 1921] a little long, but even just part 1 instructs why we have "news"

3. [Deception Maxims: Fact & Folklore, CIA 1980] primer for CIA deception tactics, very short and instructive

I'll add to this as I get time... /1

Have you ever programmed or played around with any form of FPGA?

How to get labelled a white supremacist: Share a historical map of the slave trade out of Africa.

More often, I find myself having to remind ppl that computers, no matter how powerful, can't predict the future.

Does anyone have the formula to find the time offset in a Joel Skousen interview to when he first says, "Pincer Movement"?

The appropriate reaction to these people (at this point) is immediate involuntary commitment. They can be released upon proof of sanity after a minimum holding period.
Yes, I realize the problem with this, but what else can we do?

To get the thrill of feeling numb, disoriented, confused without expense, watch this

Here's a young woman who's just starting to figure out taxes are a complete scam, her brain explodes 😥

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