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First time I've checked my follower count and look what I find...

Also, I really need to update that bio.

pretty sure the surge came though the cable instead of the power and just traveled through a couple devices before it stopped. didn't know that could happen but I do now

So it turns out the damage was not only the router but also the cable modem, as well as one of the Ethernet ports on our NAS and my gigabit switch partially melted.

You know, smart lights are great, until your router dies 🙄

Haven't been on here in ages. Figured it was time to dive back in

Its kinda weird this Mastodon thingy. Its like having a No Agenda meetup but having it monitored by the NSA and broadcast to a bunch of Japanese manga art lovers

This noagendasocial is my kinda universe. But where are all my ads telling me what I bought yesterday.

Thank you, Mastadon, for making me wonder for once in my life am I tooting correctly?

Re-listening to 920, the sexual orientation segment, John's answers are just epic 😂

Well one things for sure, I already like the look of this way more than Twitter...

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