@tlhall one of my favorite shows. So glad it's been added to the stream.

@pokey love them and they make a great snack on low carb

@chris my pleasure. I used to watch it as a kid just for the whammys

@GogglesNTeeth @ScottALavender I hear ya. I do just enough video production that windows is a necessity. Plus I've never really had a big problem with Windows. But I'm also not a Dude Named Ben so I don't see the other side of things all that much.

@PhoneBoy surprised I've never heard of Neverware. And mint is by far the run away favorite.

@ScottALavender @GogglesNTeeth no insult taken. I've installed Ubuntu a number of times but haven't stuck with it long. But now that I have a spare laptop that's showing it's age it's perfect for a full time install of Linux.

@GogglesNTeeth Mint is definitely on the shortlist. Thanks for the input!

Gonna put Linux on my older laptop.

Any suggestions for which distro? Or just go with Ubuntu?

For those who are curious about my extended fasting experience, I wrote up a blog post about it: phoneboy.info/2018/09/04/885-h

Plumber came and broke up whatever the hell was clogging the sewer drain. Cleaned up, showered and awaiting my (very not low carb friendly) dinner to arrive.

Now if only the ringing in my ears from the concert last night would subside...

A backed up sewer drain spilling into the basement is not how I envisioned my Labor Day weekend going 🙄

I've started answering all calls from numbers I don't recognize like this:
"Wow Machine Radio, you're caller number 43 and you are on the air, live right now! Go ahead with your answer to the trivia question, caller! Caller?"

At that point, they either hang up or they ask, "What was the question again?"

When they ask, that I say, "Ohhh, I'm sorry, 'what is the question again' is a popular answer today, but it is incorrect, try again with tomorrow's trivia question!"

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