Gonna put Linux on my older laptop.

Any suggestions for which distro? Or just go with Ubuntu?

@jasonskirk Mint is a good choice, IMO.

If you feel conformable with *buntu, I would suggest Xubuntu rather than Ubuntu as the desktop environment is a familiar metaphor instead the Unity-like mess it is now. Unless you prefer that type of mess.

@jasonskirk My $.02 - Go with a version of Linux Mint. I have found that it will generally work "out of the box" with most hardware I have tried it on. It is built upon the version of Ubuntu with the added software, codecs, and drivers already installed. Mint has found and been able to work with network cards, wireless adapters, and even a touch screen without additional downloads. Try mint... you may like it.

@GogglesNTeeth Mint is definitely on the shortlist. Thanks for the input!

@GogglesNTeeth @jasonskirk

Mint is also good for an Linux newbies (don't mean that as in insult) as well.

Agree that it also works well "out of the box".

I still prefer Xubuntu on my home machines because XFCE behaves and looks like the Windows 'desktop environment' compared to the Gnome 3.X or Unity ones.

Not that Mint has a bad DE. It doesn't, but they have changed some stuff. *shrug* Just my personal preference.

@ScottALavender @GogglesNTeeth no insult taken. I've installed Ubuntu a number of times but haven't stuck with it long. But now that I have a spare laptop that's showing it's age it's perfect for a full time install of Linux.

@ScottALavender @jasonskirk I'm a bit of a Linux newb, however it's my primary OS on my dual boot machine at home. If it wasn't for games and video/graphics applications, I would be Linux full-time. I'm a "dude named Ben" so i'm stuck in the windows world at work all the time!

@GogglesNTeeth @ScottALavender I hear ya. I do just enough video production that windows is a necessity. Plus I've never really had a big problem with Windows. But I'm also not a Dude Named Ben so I don't see the other side of things all that much.

@jasonskirk @GogglesNTeeth

I have done video work on Linux. My preferred software is Kdenlive.

OpenShot works good as well. Blender is surprisingly a good video editor as well, although the learning curve is kinda high.

@jasonskirk Another vote for Mint Linux. I've got one laptop running Neverware (turning it into a Chromebook). It's not real Linux but I can see the appeal.

@PhoneBoy surprised I've never heard of Neverware. And mint is by far the run away favorite.

@jasonskirk the Neverware stuff is a good way to experiment with Chromebooks without actually buying one.

@jasonskirk Gentoo!!!!!!1!1!1!!!!one!!!! All software must be compiled from scratch at all times!

But seriously, if you want to squeeze speed out of turnip, Gentoo would be the way to go... As long as you don't mind long compile sessions everytime you update.

I like CentOS. For NVidia GPUs I have some tutorials on LinkedIn to help:

RHEL/CentOS 7 and NVidia Drivers

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