@ChrisWilson you succeeded in cracking me up not once but twice listening to yesterday's No Agenda. Well done!

@jasonskirk cheers. But the one that had me in tears was Tomnonymous's R E S P I C T.
I shed a tear. It was beautiful

@jasonskirk I don't make the best jingles, I just make the most jingles

Got a few in the queue I need to finish

@ChrisWilson considering how many you do and the quality you maintain I'd say that's damned impressive

@jasonskirk it's all part of the value for value.

I used to pay $10 a month for 4 hours of Stansberry stuff. I got enormous value out of their black label show. As they were an investment advisory house, it got shut down, even though porter owned the company, as it was too polarising

I figured NA was worth $10 a week, so over 4 years I should be a baromet and on my way to a protectorate, but I'm 1.3x a knight, so that's part of the value I give back.


@jasonskirk >>
That and my OCD nature hears something and says"wouldn't it be funny if ___was sung to XXX" and then to stop the thoughts bugging me, I go do it, have a laugh, and get back to my life

Steve Tyler's exploding head took a little under 2 hours from @irritable saying "did you see...." to writing lyrics, finding a backing track, comping a vocal and mixing a rough. An hour later I went & added "and her head is gone" to the end and cleaned up some, not all, of the pitch issues.

@ChrisWilson @irritable value for value is amazing. @adam has been right about that from the beginning!

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