Gonna put Linux on my older laptop.

Any suggestions for which distro? Or just go with Ubuntu?

For those who are curious about my extended fasting experience, I wrote up a blog post about it: phoneboy.info/2018/09/04/885-h

Plumber came and broke up whatever the hell was clogging the sewer drain. Cleaned up, showered and awaiting my (very not low carb friendly) dinner to arrive.

Now if only the ringing in my ears from the concert last night would subside...

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A backed up sewer drain spilling into the basement is not how I envisioned my Labor Day weekend going 🙄

I've started answering all calls from numbers I don't recognize like this:
"Wow Machine Radio, you're caller number 43 and you are on the air, live right now! Go ahead with your answer to the trivia question, caller! Caller?"

At that point, they either hang up or they ask, "What was the question again?"

When they ask, that I say, "Ohhh, I'm sorry, 'what is the question again' is a popular answer today, but it is incorrect, try again with tomorrow's trivia question!"

PURE: Healthy Diet Including Dairy and Meats Good For Hearts Worldwide

This is the American College of Cardiologists. Clearly they're not getting funded by big food or big pharma. 👍🏻


listeners will see the obvious attempt to conflate Jordan Peterson's "crazy" ideas with this meat cleanse him and his daughter are doing for health reasons. When, in reality, the results speak for themselves.


Thai Buddhist monks' health suffering from sugary drinks

It’s like I’ve been saying: calories count, but what you eat and when matter so much more.


Haven't looked at Twitter in a week now.

I don't miss a thing about it.

20 years later and I still randomly yell, "Where's the fuckin' money Lebowski?" throughout the day.

@ChrisWilson you succeeded in cracking me up not once but twice listening to yesterday's No Agenda. Well done!

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