I am not welcome anymore with my family from my husband if i don't get my vaccination. Pretty hard message after 30 years.

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@jacobinakunnen I'm sorry to hear that. Is your husband vaccinated? If no, is he magically safe for them to be around?

Hopefully they will come to their senses!

@SemiNorwegian my husband is vaccinated. I don't want a vaccination. That's the problem. I am an infected human!

@jacobinakunnen Tssk. They will just have to do with their own company.

Hopefully the craze will be over at one point. Then your puss levels might become low enough to safely mingle with others.

@jacobinakunnen I'm so sorry. Someday they'll realize the truth and will apologize.

@MrsShill no they are to far in believing everything the media tells them. Lukkely I have the NA family!

@rahmat @jacobinakunnen Ya, if they dont respect you enough to make your own health decisions, they surely don't deserve your honesty. Sorry to hear :(

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