@adam @Johncdvorak hi guys! The family of my husband (he has been vaccinated) do not want to see me anymore if I don't get my vaccinations. Pretty hard message after 30 years. Wow, i sure not hope this is happening to more familymembers. Lukkely I have the NA family on my side.

I am not welcome anymore with my family from my husband if i don't get my vaccination. Pretty hard message after 30 years.

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Hebben jullie interesse in een meetup in Den Haag?

Check dit:


Bij voldoende enthousiaste reacties, maak ik een datumprikker aan

And this is how we used to go about. Jumping the ditches between the fields with a pole. It's called fierljeppen. Would translate as far leaping. And it's also a professional sport in Fryslân.

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It's my second hour here. Still nobody yelled at me! So nice!

So, it's my first hour on NA social but it's much better than Twitter. Nobody yells at me;-) So far...😂

Wow, curfew here in Holland at least till the end of March.

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