ITM from Chicago! If anyone happens to be at IMTS this week, give an In The Morning to booth #237596!

The human condition is not a medical condition.

I just want to get married and have babies, but everyone in their 30's is crazy. Was there something in the water in the 80's that I don't know about?

Turning 33 today! This year is either going to be great or a shit show of a year!

@jennifer I'm planning an outer banks/Charleston/Savannah road trip. When is the best time of year to visit?

It's nice to hear your note read on the show 😊

I'm getting real tired of this. I am not a 'menstruator' or a 'birthing person'. I am a woman. And I do not appreciate this seemingly concerted effort to erase what it means to be a woman. I desire to be a wife and a mother and yes, that does define me to a certain extent. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because it is in fact very natural.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Is China still on the Human Rights Council? Asking for a friend.

So I'm intentionally a douchebag, but only because my 33rd birthday is in less than 2 months and I'm saving up to be an Insta-Dame. I mean, that only makes me a little bit of a douchebag, right?

Opens email:

Do not ignore this important message . . .

Proceeds to ignore.

I feel like I should offer a Canadian a green card marriage. I mean, I feel bad that your government sucks.

Is it just me? I don't see what's so wrong with judging a potential partner on certain aspects of how they've handled the pandemic. If you display your vax status in any fashion, it shows a lack of judgement and a disconnect in mutual values. I feel like we would be setting ourselves up to disagree about a whole bunch in the future. How you raise your children and run your household is way more involved then just finding someone attractive and having fun (but those are important!)

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How old are you?

Boost after voting, thanks!

But where was the suit? I was promised spook central.

When does my pure blood status become irresistible? I'm ready to home school some human resources in personal responsibility.

Only one in the office today, time to get that stream on loud. DO IT LIVE!

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This is an interesting dichotomy they are unintentionally creating here. Don't worry about human trafficking, it's not really a problem. 800,000 kidnappings, you're crazy, it's probably only 12,000. The super elite involved, what a silly proposition. It's all fear porn by the far right. What you should be afraid of is Covid because 100 kids with genetic disorders and horrible diseases have died with it in the last 2 years. Vaxx those kids today!

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