tl;dr IOS users which Podcast App should I use?

Okay, so I'm on iOS, on Android I had a great little Podcast App called BeyondPod. It was bloody good.
Now I'm stuck with the default app, and I hate the way it manages Podcasts.
I'm looking for a Podcast App which automatically deletes podcasts when they're played, allows auto background downloading, (maybe to a schedule) and (optional) has a Mac client.
Thanks all, and

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@briantimmer Yeah I forgot I actually had that installed for a time. Thanks for the reminder.!

@jack I use the iOS podcast app.
It has issues, but pretty darned good. There is also Overcast which a lot of people really like.

@adam @jack I used to use the native app, but it seemed to always have problems syncing up and/or actually download episodes. So, I gave up on it and went with PocketCasts <shrugs>

@adam @jack does it properly support your ever-changing episode artwork? PocketCasts is always one episode behind, oddly.

@jack I just use the default app. I have it delete played podcasts (not sure if that is the default)

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