Also: this seems like the truer story of what all this covid shiz is about. Brings a lot of things together as far as I'm concerned.

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We need to revive Hanse towns: Hanse towns are certain commercial cities in Germany which associated themselves for the protection and enlarging of their commerce. The confederacy, called also Hansa and Hanseatic league, held its first diet in 1260, and was maintained for nearly four hundred years. At one time the league comprised eighty-five cities. Its remnants, Lübeck, Hamburg, and Bremen, are free cities, and are still frequently called Hanse towns.

Central bankers and how they are using invisible enemies to ratchet up their control of planetary finance.

Watch "Most People Are Just Scared 😱 With- Joe Rogan & Bert Kreischer" on YouTube

Victor Davis Hanson on citizenship and what it means. He makes some great points.

Fidel Castro died a billionaire? What the feck? No wonder some of these idiots are pushing for communism. They probably see it as their only way to get rich. Weak bastards.

Outsmarting the FB algos...Here's me posting NAS stuff in Facebag to try and attract more listeners. I use small clips of interest but I don't mention NAS in the OP. Only in comments. I notice the algos seem to miss it that way and do less shadow banning etc. This post has 6 or 7 unique people who listened to the clip and climbing.
@adam @Johncdvorak

fights the good fight while whips out the usual rhetoric about how and are violating federal law. But she does not say which law of course.

Watch "DeSantis And Psaki Trade Barbs As Texas And Florida Block Vaccine Mandates" on YouTube


Good company to work for. Does not Mandate vaccine. Has over 100 employees, so may need to test once a week if OSHA decides to put through the Mandate.

We're an Electrical Supply House, we train newbies. Good career path opportunities.

I work for the Platt division. Platt is all throughout the northwest, (CA, OR, WA, UT, MT, ID, NV). Rexel is the parent company and has branches throughout the US.

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