Psych "disorders" are _voted_ into existence.
"Chemical imbalance" is fake, pseudo-science.
Just like the Alzheimers fakery, only on a much, much broader level.

Texas' Trump-themed burger joint draws in tourists. The 'Trump Tower' is a 16-ounce burger with American cheese and 'Trump' sauce. Every burger comes with "Trump" branded on the bun. The menu also jokingly features a "Biden burger," which is just one ounce of beef for the tall price of $50.99.

Lioness Christine Anderson on WEF c*nt Jabcinda Ahern

Jul 26
Should you ever hear your gov't claiming to be the sole source of truth, there's only 2 options at that point:

a. You either RUN THEM out of office
b. YOU JUST RUN - Run as fast and as far away as

Because this gov't is about to turn your country into a tyranny!

Looks like two Joebamas, I mean Joe Bidens, here. One blinks, the other doesn't. Head and eye shape seems different to me, too.
Super creepy.

@adam @Johncdvorak

Maybe this is why they are trying to force us hordes to give up our ? @adam

Checked while listening to last show. Can't help but wonder if it was @adam or a producer who picked it up. Privacy company is in Candanavia though.

Even if you’re not an Elon fan, that’s pretty funny.

💉 "A new peer-reviewed study JAMA is titled, “Long-term Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Children and Adults After Mild Infection.” What? Natural immunity is a thing again?

"The study concludes that antibodies to covid “may persist more than a year from infection in all age groups. This work provides further evidence of sustained immune response in children up to 1 year after primary SARS-CoV-2 infection.” Even from MILD infection." @adam

"Just a spoon full of Andre helps the Karen-psycho go down..."

Andre Antunes is a stellar musician and diabolically brilliant social commentator all in one.

PS: Am I bad for involuntarily LOLzing when I watch these? I can't help the rush of emotions. One moment I'm thinking "that poor woman is so confused--she legitimately needs help". The other I'm thankful the light gets shined on someone who would have otherwise terrorized a perfectly normal human being).

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