got new phone, forgot old password, need to log into Tusky. still logged into browser on PC (hence me posting this) but browser never learned my password. password reset email fails to send. haven't posted here in awhile, who's in charge these days—@voidzero?

Adam Curry at the top of /r/conspiracy, which, by the way, has somehow been higher-quality recently than it traditionally was. it's kind of like the best parts of /pol/ and /x/ right now, wonder how much longer CCP-owned reddit will let them stick around

it took Rogan just over 33 minutes to bring up Feral Hogs

this is an instant classic

for those that missed the Jack Burkman "Adam Schiff" photos: they were quite literally fake and gay

I knew a fellow 90s kid named Betsy growing up and tbh constantly regret not making a move on her before she became a Typical Millennial Hipster

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screw you Dvorak, I would 100% marry a 20something named Betsy

photo of a meteorology student's textbook from 4chan (/pol/thread/229387480)

might have stumbled onto an "in" for my local Q-boomer ham scene, on 4chan. will report back

so like can I punch in my local small-town repeater's info into this thing and just lurk? or is that Bad

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ok where's this $25 ham radio I need to buy
quick rundown?
I'm getting the license asap

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