@Chile_Lavrov @issaglitch
I’d go with gullibility.
You get a few one offs here and there that don’t get assimilated by the machine but the parties are loyal to it and play whatever role gets assigned to them. Their job is to pacify their base with any lies necessary.

@Chile_Lavrov @issaglitch Jedi is right. No one is coming to save us. We are not at a turning point we are on a decline. There is no evidence to the contrary except bias confirmation. Say what you want for the election process people are voting for Biden, Newsom, Inslea, AOC...in the end you will obey. Cheers.

@Sideways @issaglitch Not a fan of this idea of someone coming to save us. Not even 100 years ago, families were mostly self reliant. Perhaps its the time to look into what that phrase means for all of us. Cheers. Also,

@issaglitch It still annoys me that people are completely oblivious to the obvious shadow government.

@issaglitch no-one can save anyone but themselves. Pick up your cross, and start carrying it up the hill...

@mbruer it’s heavy and i’d really like a teak one.

@issaglitch damn straight it's fucking heavy. You can choose how you make it however.

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