So the Left should praise this, right?

Duterte 'Will Not Answer' To White People Amid UN Human Rights Investigation

I don't like the idea of "subscribing to podcasts."

I don't like anything that "automatically" pushes anything to devices that I use. Pisses me off.

I prefer to download what I want when I want.

anyone listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast?

I just discovered it.

China is poised to roll out a nationwide social credit scoring system by next year.

Watch the full episode:

“The Iranian people want to be South Korea, not North Korea.”

Watch the full episode:

A new policy adopted by the Democratic city council in Austin, Texas, will allow anyone who is homeless to camp out in any public square or venue......

The policy change went into effect on July 1, just 10 days after the city council decriminalized homelessness.....


Peter Thiel: Google is working with Chinese communist government but not US military |

From this video, I think Thiel KNOWS that Google has been infiltrated (he is well connected and perhaps through Palantir) and is putting up a red flag.

Fake News is added to the Doomsday Clock?????

"False information threatens the future of humanity."


I heard a rumour that SB276 (the mandatory vaccine bill in California) was recently put into stall because of a question of funding, etc.

Because the news is so scrubbed and controlled by Google, et al, I can't find anything that has been written in the past week about this topic.

Democrats have moved ‘too far to the left,’ says BET network founder Bob Johnson (praises the Trump economy)

okay - fair argument is whether or not there are any pictures of clinton w/epstein?

I already don't remember / know.

see how fast it works?

Google photos of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, previously available on Google Images, appear to have been scrubbed

Instead, cartoon-type images appear and photos with Trump (like this) is what comes up when you search for “Jeffrey Epstein Bill Clinton”

I'm really confused as to why the Megan Rapinoe "issue" is even a topic of conversation????????

Feels like its totally manufacturered news. Not necessarily Fake, but definitely manufacturered.

What’s most interesting is that the exact line that was removed was edited today by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

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