This feels like a VERY important interview / conversation between Steve Bannon and Tom Friedman on CNBC about the US-China trade war (surprising alignment across the board and cuts to the core of Trump's presidency):

"I like the weight of cans on my head." - @adam

Me too!

NA Show: #1137

0.00000256574% of the US population has "tested positive for Measles."

Hardly worth a panic.

Clicks on news website.
Reads news.
Leaves website.
Recites "The Wes Clark Seven"

Really seems to be a lot of plane crashes lately

This seems terrifying:

Today, on the first day of , we’re celebrating the launch of an exciting new innovation in vaccine delivery. It’s the official launch of , which will deliver vaccines to remote locations via drone.

Iran Warns False Flag "Accident" Could "Lure" Trump Into War

"I love you, Jesus"

Sounds like a False Flag set up to me.

Stumbled out of his car afterward mumbling, “I love you, Jesus,” according to a man who watched the horrific crash unfold in front of him.

War Drums
NoAgenda's been calling this for a couple of months now:

“The decision is intended to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero, denying its principal source of revenue,” Sanders said in a statement.

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