Anyone know if an app/way to mass delete old posts/toots?

still waiting for the reports of "X country 'sealing its border'"

That always sounds scarier and more alarming.

November 24, 2021: South Africa tells Pfizer they don't want more shipments of the vaccine.

November 26, 2021: WHO says that the Omicron variant was discovered in South Africa on November 24, 2021.

November 26, 2021 onwards: Many countries rush to ban flights and immigration from South Africa.


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We’ve gone from “horrific” and a stock market crash to “very, very mild” in less than 72 hours.

So it’s milder than Delta and previous strains. Straight from the horses mouth. Did you hear this? MILDER!!!!!!

They’ve had 19 months to push the envelope and see how much they can get away with.

Now comes the pain.

"The Great Reset agenda requires compliance and obedience.....Africa has been by far the most vaccine-hesitant continent on the globe. I wouldn’t go so far as to insinuate the Omicron variant is manufactured for effect (though it’s not all that far-fetched), but IF the architects of The Great Reset had their choice of continents for a “new and deadly variant” to pop up, it would be Africa."

This entire Omicron Variant thing has that Russian / CIA method written all over it. (I forget the name of the method)

The story is planted in an obscure African country and then picked up and the media runs with it.

Pretty Wild.....Dr. Campbell is reading about how this mutation came from ONE person. He then asks the question, "Well, how could that happen?"


the twitters have gone FULL APE about the B11259 Variant.


we went from "a new variant" and 4 people this 77 people in Africa, Shutting down flights and naming it less than 12 hours. This whole thing is orchestrated. Next, Moderna will have a NEW vaccine within 100 days....and the sheep will be lined up again to take yet another gene therapy that doesn't work. And, they'll put more pressure on mandates and passports. bloody hell.

This Omicron thing is beyond ridiculous. Just unbelievable.

@isaac close! Novavax announced new vaccine for this variant in trial starting today.

AND New York already ordered limits on non-emergency procedures.


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