I disagree with Adam’s assertion in the last show that Coronavirus is no big deal.
I think it’s irresponsible to blow it off.
Is it really overhyped? Yes.
But it’s not just “the flu”.

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Solid point! Why was Bernie briefed about Russian interference with his campaign but we weren’t?

We were much further along where that would have been much more critical?

A: because everyone knew it was Bullshit and they were going to weaponize it against @[email protected]

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Amazed at how so many people on Twitter don’t care about Bloomberg buying the Democratic nomination.

Their answer is simply “as long as he beats Trump.”


I get that people hate Trump but to think that Bloomberg is a viable alternative is terrifying to me.

Gimmie Sanders.

Roger Stone sentenced to 3.33 years in prison.......

I think Bloomberg is gonna get destroyed in tonight's debate and exposed for the Oligarch that he is.

At the very least, Sanders should be able to rip him to shreds.

If Sanders shows any restraint - then HE will be exposed as "too weak" to deserve the job of Presidency.

President calls HIM (Bloomberg) 'a 5'4'' mass of dead energy'

'a 5'4'' mass of dead energy' - has a nice ring to it. Almost perfect iambic pentameter

There are a number of cases in which people with coronavirus initially test negative. In Tianjin, health officials say a woman developed symptoms on January 25. Her tests on Feb. 5, 8, and 10 came back as negative. The test on Feb. 12 was positive for coronavirus.


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