3rd photo of Trudeau in blackface

He's finished. Or is he? He could be the governor of Virginia.

The prime minister said it was not the first time he has worn makeup before, saying he wore makeup while performing a version of the Harry Belafonte song, “Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” during a talent show.

Its too delicious to believe

Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School

I guess the Democrats have realized that NONE of the candidates have a real shot so they are reverting back to Kavanaugh and Tax Returns (again!?).

Trump should be beatable on centrist-democratic positions alone, but the Democrats are held hostage by the Squad and the Socialists.

Democrats are in a Lose-Lose situation. And, they know it.

I foresee even more extreme stunts coming from the Dems before the year is over.

Think of a scared, cornered wild animal in a panic.

interesting discussion on Hackernews about the Saudi / Drone attack. Its an apocalyptic preview of the near future where drone terrorism (advanced asymmetric warfare) controls the skies.


Im convinced that 90% of the photos on Instagram are AI generated.

How many 1000s of women can there be in the world that all look the same, wear the same clothes, travel to the same places, have kids, the same pout, same lips, same humps......they are all beautiful and there are COUNTLESS numbers of them on Instagram....take a look.

Really disappointed in Drudge. You know he is complicit when his headline is "Klobuchar Breaks Out"

Gimmie a break

Adam's opening on show #1172 when he described the different types of vapes was pretty much the most boring opener in the history of the show.

"Would you buy an iPhone if American workers built it under the same working conditions?"


Coordinate hit piece that aligns with the coordinated attack on Google / Facebag / etc.

Private Instagram Posts Aren’t Private -


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