So, I'm a few episodes into the Amazon Prime Show "Counterpart"

Very odd to see a show where people are wearing masks outside b/c humanity was almost made extinct by a pandemic and people use UV light to kill germs. There are signs that advise citizens to report their neighbors if they are sick.

Written in 2018.

even if those 5 republicans had voted.....Kamala was the tie breaker to make it 51/50.

Surprised ALL of the Democrats joined.

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JCD was wrong afterall....

Senate rejects effort to dismiss the second impeachment trial

On Tuesday, the full US Senate was sworn in as jury members of the upcoming impeachment trial against former president Donald Trump. The Senate also heard and rejected a motion to dismiss the trial, which is set to take place the week of February 8.

The 5 Republicans who joined Democrats to kill Sen. Rand Paul's point of order:
• Susan Collins
• Lisa Murkowski
• Mitt Romney
• Ben Sasse
• Pat Toomey

There are still a lot of Q People out there who believe that the EBS will be activated this Saturday. That Telegram is getting 80k+ views on each message.

Rule by Decree: Joe Biden Sets Record for Executive Orders in First Week

"As of January 25, 2021, Biden has issued 33 executive orders, actions, proclamations, memoranda and agency directives. 21 of these are executive orders."

All this while they control both the House and Senate. Executive Orders are anything but Democratic and should be used sparsely.

"Biden’s slew of executive orders appear to mark a massive, historic expansion of the power of the presidency."

Sen. Rand Paul:

"No Democrat will honestly ask whether Bernie Sanders incited the shooter that nearly killed Steve Scalise."

"No Democrat will ask whether Maxine Waters incited violence when she literally told her supporters" to confront Trump officials in public.

I watched the 3rd Episode of Counterpart (show on Prime Video). I like it. But it was pretty eerie to see this scene in the show (filmed in 2018)!

@adam this is clip worthy!!!!

Dudes/Dudettes named Ben or Bernadette......

anyone know how I can download Joe Rogan podcasts from my iPhone to my PC?

I don't sync, backup or auto-update my iphone so I still have ~175 episodes downloaded on my phone. (about 40 gb)

I'm afraid to sync via iTunes out of fear that Apple will deauthorize them or delete them.

Any suggestions?

I’ve just realized that I’ve have 40gb of Joe Rogan episodes on my phone. I don’t these are available online anymore. I feel like I should never delete them.

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NEW - Amazon and Jeff Bezos do not want their workers voting by mail-in-ballots on unionization. An Amazon spokesperson tells CNN the company is seeking a "valid, fair and successful election" and in-person would ensure that. #Amazon #Election

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I heard on the last show that there was a NA Telegram? Can someone send me the link? thx.

Unbridled democracy is nothing more than a lynch mob yearning for a despot.

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