I know what you did last summer...

"Who's In Town" App builds up a highly detailed map of where your Instagram followers are and where they have ever been based on metadata that is freely available.

There is no privacy, you just can't hide anymore slave unless you go .



How to yourself Carpe Donktum... Master of "Alt-Right" Memes.

After being threatened by CNN he doxed himself just to make sure that CNN wouldn't get any traction from it.



, Warning - Penis enlargement product does exactly what a penis enlargement product is supposed to do... enlarge your penis


Sitting in a coffee shop listen to people talk bullshit about blockchain and cryptocurrency... how wonderful Facebook Libra will be. I’m glad I live in the alternative dimension.

Dammit! Went to use the microwave and it couldn't be found 🤔

This legislation needs to be stopped at all costs. God botherers can't be given freedom of speech.


Banned the Gab.com server, but go ahead and add the Hitlers.Win server...

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