On a long enough timeline, Alex Jones is proven right. Normalization of human animal hybrids defiantly on the horizon.

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No Agenda 33 clan in Destiny 2 started. Any listeners who play and want to join up on PS4 shoot me a dm with player name for an invite or search and join up through phone app. Doing it super casual with no goals and no agenda.

Any listeners out there play Destiny 2 on PlayStation? I’m wanting to start a super casual clan of listeners. If there is any interest, let me know.

The Coronavirus plandemic was/is the greatest social experiment in modern history. It was the globalist trial run to see exactly how much they could get away with and with how much pushback. Seeing as they got nearly zero pushback, I believe that the great reset is sooner than even they anticipated.
Get ready for one world government.

First shot at 3D printing. Just a test print on card provided by the manufacturer. When technology is used for good, it’s some amazing stuff!

@sunlorrie: My Saturday Sun column: Justin Trudeau's Liberals promoted cancel culture. Now it's come for Pierre Trudeau:

This vaccine thing, what do you plan to do?

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