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For the record, @adam does a great job staying on top of this stuff.

@adam Orange Is The New Black writers have got to be No Agenda listeners man.

55 mins 42 seconds into season 5 episode 4 there's a vitamin B12 reference.

There are many other little NA themes that crop up throughout the series, but that seemed a little too on the nose to me.

About to enter a gig.

Kraftwerk 3D at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

It's gonna be awesome.

@NICKtheRAT I just drove around for two hours for the sole purpose of listening to last weeks' show. Drove from 1:30 am to 3:30 am local time.

Just love the music on the show for late night blasting through the country back roads of Northern Ireland.

Keep kicking ass Nick!

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Original midi triggers for jingles in ableton live before the iPad, and midicontrollers for audio levels.

I would urge anyone visiting Warsaw to take close to a full day to really take in the accounts of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Incredibly important, and emotionally impactful history.

I have just left the Warsaw Uprising Museum. After 5 hours visiting, with an audio guide purchased.

One thing that struck me right at the end of the audio tour was the description of how the Soviet leadership that came to power labeled and treated the people who had fought in the Warsaw Insurgency (that is, members of the Warsaw Home Army).

They were deemed as being reactionary fascist rats. It's language I found familiar today. An Interesting moment.

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I have arrived in Warsaw!

If there are any other No Agenda Mastodon peoples around here in the next 6 days I'm happy to meet up for a quick 'in the morning'.

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Looks like we are now silenced or blocked to around 30% of the federated servers. I expect its closer to 50% of users of the total network

To be expected I guess. This is a daunting place for the uninitiated. And probably one of the most a-political in that we are not behind any specific party.

I guess some people can not tell the difference between bigotry and simple cultural insensitivity Sad, as everyone is more accepting of others than most people I know outside the group

Love and Light

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@adam Our local hippie grocery store now has an entire section of food made from bugs. Protein powder, honey mustard & BBQ crickets, Mealworm Bolognese sauce. Only a matter of time until it hits real grocery stores.

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This is so much more enjoyable than fb or twitter... Proud to be one of the "No Agenda People"

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@NICKtheRAT I'm playing your shows in reverse chronological order now.

This is a blast. I'm back in episode 65 now. It's really snowing out man, it's too deep!


@adam Confirming successful receipt of PodcasterPro™ Specs mailshot.

Will spread the word.

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