Finally Catalina beta 6. I can kick this shitty-ass Brave browser with its Chromium core to the trash can and go back to Firefox.

My lead dev is afraid to roll code now. I might be close to giving up.

Just RSVP'ed for the Candanavian No Agenda Meetup on Thursday. Thanks @Bishop for organizing.

Hey Toronto and GTA NA peeps - get in here! It's at Union Station - stop in for some chicken, then catch your train home to the 'burbs.

If 5% of the crowd is even Antifa troublemakers, I'd be surprised. Looks like a group of Pokemon Go players on any other Saturday.

So the Proud Boys show up for an hour or two, march around and then go home. Then the Antifa clowns decide to take on the cops? Have I got this right?

How dumb are these Antifa people? They got suckered.

Switching from Toot! to Tootle on iOS since Toot! continues to prevent adding accounts. I don't feel like supporting that kind of censorship.

Philly shooter live-streamed on Facebook. Shut it down. Ban the apps. Facebook is complicit in murder.

What a snowflake. The logo is making me uncomfortable. Where is my safe space?!?!

Advice to Soulcycle from someone who works at a company that is regularly targeted with threats of "I'll cancel if you don't do X".

Ignore the haters, say nothing. It'll blow over in a few days and zero people will carry through on their threats.

Soulcycle classes will be full again next week. People will make their excuses and that will be that.

Remember the "lawful content" clause in the whole net neutrality thing? An ISP in New Zealand is censoring the Internet.

Also, New Zealand has a fucking Chief Censor?!?

Sometime in the next little bit, a prominent celeb or journalist will be caught on camera coming out of either a SoulCycle or Equinox gym.

Put it in the

Protip for all the SJW's out there: For every company you discover has a Trump supporter at the top, there are dozens more where you'll never know it.

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