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Thanks to No Agenda, I was able to leave the following comment on a Facebook post:

Well, since the repeal of elements of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2012, it is now legal for US government propaganda agencies to actually disseminate materials within our borders.

Just because he says it will “counter foreign narratives” isn’t a reason to take it at face value.

(And yes, we used to have a law that made it illegal for our government to propagandize us. And it wasn’t Trump who ended it.)

So, there is this mobile game that keeps advertising toward me. And I finally was able to snag the ad. What do you think? Should I download and play it?

I just mentioned Rule 34 to my kids at dinner.

My son: “HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT THAT?!? You’re almost a Boomer!!!”

(Then I got to tell him that I know what “OK, Boomer” means...)

I have no idea who this guy is, but he just came up with one of the best descriptions of why we need No Agenda.

“It used to be that the news would tell you what happened and you had to make an opinion on the subject. Now the news tells you their opinion and you have to decide if it even happened.”

I hereby grant the No Agenda Art community the license to use this photo in upcoming album art.

New rounds of chemo were taking a toll, and the hair started coming out in clumps. So I got ahead of the curve.

Does anyone know if the No Agenda News app on iOS is actually working? The reviews are all over the place.

I do not like cancer very much. And by that, I mean that I very, very much do not like cancer.

Not sure which podcast app you guys are using, but Overcast now allows you to share clips straight from the podcast.

Great for hitting people in the mouth.

Haven't touched this in 30 years. Finally snagged a new copy.

Thanks for the reminder, @Johncdvorak

So, did Trump get pissed about shadow-bans on Twitter and pull the plug?

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