It’s 67° outside. So the home office has an open-window policy today. The breeze feels amazing.

@ProfWorr @sirphenom I would agree, if I weren’t having a serious chemo brain moment and can’t recall it!!! 🥺

Hey guys — thank you all SO MUCH for the karma over the last couple of years. Depression, divorce, cancer... and now we are in pandemic together.

Love you all.

@Dan_Ramos I haven’t read the story. And I don’t even know why is IS a story.

• People may be sheltering at home for 2-4 weeks.
• People like not having Crusty Poop Butt.
• If you’re low on food, Toilet Paper makes for excellent leveraged arbitrage currency.
• Shelf life is infinite. So you’re not losing money, you’re just time-shifting your purchase.

My doctor is such a wet blanket.

He would not allow me to run into the waiting room, yelling “BEHOLD MY AMAZING BLOOD COUNTS, AND BASK IN THE GLORY OF THE TOXIN KING!”

(Final round of chemo is underway)

‪Almost there. ‬

‪But where is “there?”‬


AOC has to be so pissed off right now. By the time Iowa is decided, she will be old enough to run.

Me: “Dozens of people I know rely on me for technology advice and tips on how to get things done with a PC or online.”

Also me: <immediately saving the document a second time, so the dialogue box will pop up and tell me where the hell the first one went>

@Dagwood no idea why they crashed. I mean, there is no foolproof technology.

But you might be onto something. If they were checking Facebook, maybe that’s how the CIA discovered where they were.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that many of our recent technology innovations are the result of reverse engineering the wreckage stashed at Area 51.

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