@six789 it will be when I get it all cleaned up. I’m looking at putting a YouTube channel together “Bargains and Boat Anchors” where I pull down / put together / make work cheap things kits and rigs.

I’ve got the old FT-101B and a bunch of mag loop antennas to get started on plus a few cheap kits I have my eye on

@ikepigott @adam @chris

@ChrisWilson @ikepigott @adam @chris I wanna find one of those old diamonds in the rough that have 500w of PA in the rig itself. Some can find them for about $300-400 at feats. I’d buy two and turn one into an amplifier. Can’t find a decently priced amp these days. Some guys are trying to sell their 811H’s Above MSRP direct from Ameritron LOL.

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