I am becoming increasingly convinced that many of our recent technology innovations are the result of reverse engineering the wreckage stashed at Area 51.

@ikepigott, so the aliens crashed their space craft because they were checking Facebook? 🤔😏

@Dagwood no idea why they crashed. I mean, there is no foolproof technology.

But you might be onto something. If they were checking Facebook, maybe that’s how the CIA discovered where they were.

@ikepigott Having had knowledge of various black compartmentalized programs over the years, and family/friends whose Elder Relatives worked Cold War-Era black programs, I see a clear evolution of our technology, without any huge leaps-forward, as the UFO theory would create.

There will never be any UFO links to Area 51, since it has always been an Aircraft & Aviation systems R&D/Proving Ground.

There is no alien tech, nor Star Trekkian "new rules of physics..."

@ikepigott The Roswell crashes went to Wright Patt, Hanger 18 not Area 51. I think the earlier Cape Giradeau crash went there too. The rumored saucer test craft were said to be at S4 not Area 51 though both are on the secluded Groom Lake salt flats.

A recent theory was that the Roswell discs were primitive cast-off tech deliberately crashed so we'd try to reverse engineer them.This is to keep us on a compatible tech path so the Alien Reptoids & their AI master can easily take over eventually.

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