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Google transcribed voicemail

conference call Hello, it's Nancy Pelosi. Sorry I missed you. I wanted to invite you to my live monkey pox telephone town hall with special guests Dr. Tyler terramir CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation Dr. Peter chin hung and infectious disease position at UCSF and also leadership from the San Francisco Department of Public Health Information. 261-6164. Please call my office if you would like more information at 415-556-4862. Thanks for your time.

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Re: @Johncdvorak complaint about NAS account passwords:

1) visit noagendasocial.com/auth/passwo

2) Enter the email address associated with your NAS account

3) The email for me arrives in seconds with a link to chose a new password for the account

Perhaps someone can fwd this to the Block Emperor.

cc @adam

@CSB trained dog sniffing butts for Bitcoin?

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I'm deleting all NAS accounts that have not been active within the last year, 2.85k accounts. This will bring the total number of NAS counts down to 6.10k.

Time for some fresh blood.

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We're looking to improve the way you download your episodes and prepare your listening experience.

💭 Share your thoughts and experience with us! Let us know if you’d be happy to take part in an interview via this short survey (<5 minutes):

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this is old, but worth a watch because you have to admire a good troller.


Yo! @CSB I got a comic idea. Someone is really upset that they got deplatformed from centralized platform just to see a new centralized platform which they switch to.

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