Two items of interest today...

(1) Dalhousie University gets 50,000 grant from govt to study your (literal) crap. CBC comment thread that was nuked by the censors. Replier is often kept but they had to nuke the reply too. Love it.

(2) Pro Azov, Glory to Ukraine! propaganda live on the ground in Canada.

Listening to Thurs NA show 1446, 2:30-ish. Speaking of Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal, my dad had this mention of his ship being sank right around the same time. Wiki entry on battle of Guadalcanal shows my dad's ship, CV-7 @Johncdvorak @adam

Covid-19 deaths. Australia Vs Niger. Both have a population of 25 million.

Context: After pushback from students, UNB vice-president suggests 'top-notch' online program isn't cheap

By the way, I was enrolled the academic year following and it totally sucked.

Zoom classes, break-out rooms and tests before assignments on test material were returned.

Then, I was unable to enroll again because I was actively being discriminated against for my personal medical decisions.

It was a terrible experience, kids, invest your money instead.

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Logged into my CBC account for the first time in a year.

think I did it: I found an example of the dangerous discourse that needs to be controlled - for democracy, of course:

Re: Sunwing:

This was an outage with their provider that checks passenger manifests with the govt for clearance. (DHS/CBSA)

Other providers just did it manually - there is a manual process.

Wonder why Sunwing didn't do that.

I don't work for Sunwing or the provider, but I know first hand about it. That's all I can say.

Also, not sure if anyone knew, but now domestic Canadian flights are being checked with with CBSA. Interesting timing on that one.

Quoting an anonymous Twitter user (got harrassed for these statements):

"Safari is buggy" is a valid criticism.

"Safari is behind Chrome in features" is not a valid criticism.

Never forget that the browser vendors, including Google and Apple, seized control of the web from the W3C. These few companies have too much power over the web, period.


"Up to 90 per cent of all nitrogen fertilizers used in Maritimes come from Russia, says Fertilizer Canada"


Two years of hysterical medical, political, legal malpractice that killed the economy wasn't enough.

Turkeys everywhere.

Gobble, gobble.

Canada is a neo-feudal shithole country where your only two modes of existence if you are not a millionaire are (1) suck the welfare dick and get on as many of those programs as you can, bumming change or selling drugs or stealing copper on the side, or (2) get nearly half your income taxed away leaving the rest to buy overpriced and overrated goods.

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More CBC propaganda:

Cute, unrelated picture near the bottom of authorities in Shanghai distributing food to residents.

Two lies rolled into one!

I didn't realize Canada Unity's Memorandum of Understanding was "requesting the Governor General dismiss the government and form a new one, drawn from the occupiers themselves".

I've read the document and I can't find it.

Where is this absurd claim?

Does anyone know of any groups or projects that actively review Open Source Software for sketchy activity, back doors or spying?

The whole point of Open Source is that it can be reviewed but I don't know of anyone that actually does this.

One doesn't have enough time in their life to read every single line of code that gets run on their machine.

With the almighty Codes of Conduct I don't trust OSS developers anymore.

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: "After this tactic of banishing dissidents from the financial system through extra-legal punishment was pioneered against WikiLeaks in 2010, and before it was used by Trudeau, PayPal announced a partnership with the liberal group @ADL to identify and ban "extremists":" / Twitter

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