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A person who really wants something will find a way; a person who doesn't will find an excuse.

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Journalist Catherine Herridge took advantage of the "conspiracy stuff" (17 drops) and put out a coded tweet last night.

It looks like the "🥒 🏭" has lost confidence in the current situation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President of Mexico seems pretty base and in tune with the BS WuFlu fear being drummed up by Big Pharma and the M5M.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if patriots had to cross the board in a southern direction to escape political prosecution by the evil pedo Joe regime.

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Mexican President should avoid small aircraft and hot tubs. Should we start a dead pool?


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I don't ask you the last time you took a shit or had an orgasm.

Don't ask me if I'm vaccinated.

No Senator Cruz, she is just plain ole Drunk!

JUST IN: Ted Cruz Excoriates Pelosi For Mask Mandate, Takes Aim At CDC Over Changed Guidance


Any NA Tribe work at corp Walmart and have insight on this?

"As of this morning, Walmart Home Office and regional market offices (not stores) are requiring the vaccine or you are terminated by October 4, 2021. To get an exception, it must be approved by the doctor and Walmart (not just the doctor) and exceptions are time limited. You will be required to get a test weekly. They will have a vaccine approval process to get into buildings which they are not yet sharing. "

Yippie, white guy, might be gay, playing the part of the microagressor.

Because he was not able to pronounce fking names of people.

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So in this microagression course every picture has either people of color, fatties, or non-attractive people. Not a single white guy.

What are they trying to say?

Oh, look, they snuck in a amputee.

Oh, yippie, time for required HR Training.

First up - Microaggression Training.

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Turing Pi 1 Raspberry Pi Cluster
Host Kubernetes, containers and cloud native apps locally
$ 199

New Turing Pi 2 coming

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When the White House credits Trump with the vaccine, that’s the moment when they're about to tell us: (1) the vaccine is dangerous; and/or (2) reports show the vaccine do not work (against variants?).

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