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Gebus so hard to find states, even conservative ones, that will protect our constitutional rights. At least it looks like South Carolina is trying to introduce legislation banning mask mandates:


Other than that, Florida and South Dakota are top contenders:


As I consider alt places to live like TX and MS I'm discouraged by their mask policies.


What is so fking hard about honoring the constitution?

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I know many want to put the Capitol stuff & Election stuff behind them but damn, Millennial Millie's documentary is really convincing. Really eye opening on a few things like Ukrainian influence and similarities to the Color Revolution. I heard about the Ukrainian stuff through a other investigative reporter, George Webb and she confirms his investigation in their part of it. And then you add the BS Axios interview with the Ukrainian President. Weird stuff.


Just got back from walking my dog in sunny FL, about 81f.

Saw a young female, college student about 20 years old, wearing a mask.

There was no one else around.

I feel so bad for these people who have been manipulated/mind controlled.

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Guess SCOTUS didn't like POTUS Trump calling them out when he spoke at CPAC. They just denied Sydney Powells cases - not going to bother to even look at them.

Po Po takes down baddie in Wyoming. No, it wasn't Liz Cheney (too bad)

100 FOOT PISTOL SHOT takes down shooting suspect - police shooting breakdown


President Trump speaks for about 90 minutes yesterday at CPAC. Had over 1 million online view.

Where is Pedo Joe and the required State of the Union Address? Can he even last 30 minutes?

Cruz: "80% of the men named Karen voted for Biden"


From his CPAC speech. He has funny lines. But compare the crowds reaction to him vs. Trump.

There is no comparison. I think many, including myself, think Cruz dances that line instead of being more honest.

Cancel culture strikes again.

GoFund Me has not problem helping to raise money for the people who destroyed cities across the US.

I don't have a working link, yet, perhaps someone can find and toot, but the current processing for Kyle is being halted this week thanks to cancel culture

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Sent the same letter to little Marco Rubio and Skeletor Rick Scott. Only Mr. Scott has bothered to respond.

Looks like a cookie-cutter response but at least there was a response. I plan on a follow up since he opened the door. :)

Anyone else who uses BlazeTV for Mugclub having issues? It just cut out for me, but YouTube stream is still up.

Pedo Joe Biden is so concerned that ex military and police are causing an increase in domestic terrorism. Zero deaths this year from that.

But in Chicago a dozen killed and more than double that wounded.


But yeah let's attack our military and police and blame them for a near non existent domestic terrorism.

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RSBN: 406k
Reuters: 27k
FOX News: 265k
ABL: 10k
Newsmax: 33k
Officer Tatum: 18k
FOX Business: 78k
The Hill: 45k

Almost 900k!

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