All vaxxers are shills or NPCs change my mind.

“I’m the number one BJ in America..”

- @adam , I lost it

Ok NASers... if you are also on the Bird Site, then we need to get @adam ’s tweets out there... we need to Retweet Adam Curry Again! And again!

"hold onto your socks and your hats" as I'm holding a basket of hats and winter socks trying to decide if they go with regular socks or the hats

I'm the last of the quarter Mohican's supremacists. So unless you're at least three quarters white, I don't trust you not to steal my ponies. Sorry prairie niggers.

Flat Earth conclusion: the mind control is too powerful for Flat Earthers to make much difference focusing only on the subject. Or this is just impatient naysaying, don't kids get what they want when they scream long enough? What do we want? Antarctica! When do we want it? Now!

How many people eat the fruit stickers each day? Why aren't they biodegradable? Are they trying to poison the fruitarians?

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