A sentiment expressed in 1891 that we see expressed today (catering to foreigners at the expense of natives).

"To me, when you say Socialism or Democratic Socialist, you're just here to finish the job! It seems like we're already there. We have all this, just sneaky." — @adam 1061

@adam I like to make mooing sounds in the TSA lines. Usually there are Indians nearby enough that I'm worried they'll think I'm being an ass to them, but the rest of the time mooooo

Kicked out of class for saying there are only two genders -- which is unremarkable, but listen closely to the teacher -- talking about" acceptable opinions"...

Where-ever you are, get your kids out of public schools.

Purpoisely hidden puns to keep our subconsciousness submerged?
Now that is a whale of a conspiracy like the Loch Ness Monster.

It's either more coincidences, or it's just part of the well known satanic agenda that everyone says is conspiracy nonsense. Grappling with a small amount of speculation is healthy

Please refuel? Why is it asking nicely shouldn't it say something like "I hope you don't plan on going that much further

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