Yea seems the web interface for the troll room is down atm. Regular IRC clients still work.


Consortium News: John Pilger, ‘Julian Assange Must Be Freed, Not Betrayed’, February 17th.

But my unfortunate prediction is encapsulated in that iconic scene in the Exorcist where Regan says “you’re gonna die up there” then pisses herself. I’m sure that’s how Assange is both feeling & getting treated. Nobody should be treated like he’s been..

Headline in WAPO:
Bernie Sanders surges into double-digit lead in new nationwide poll

Your still not spending enough Bloomberg!

Also I notice they don't 'title capitalize' headlines anymore. Proving headlines are fake!?

Moe Factz with Adam Curry for February 18th 2020, Episode number 26 - "Butter Biscuits"

ITM y'all! Had time for a short animation today even though it wasn't really a holiday for me. . .just quieter than a normal Monday. TYFYC!

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Oh it's due to a new counting method! (actually recording the counts?)

"But the 2,015 new confirmed cases reported in mainland China on Wednesday was dwarfed by the 14,840 new cases reported in Hubei alone on Thursday, when provincial officials said they had adopted a new methodology for counting infections."

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Chinese report almost 15k new Wuhan Flu cases in the last 24 hours. Whoa!! did the detection kits finally arrive? (they were doing around 3k new cases a day)

ITM y'all! Time to get your amygdala ready for another healing show tomorrow. TYFYC!

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"White supremacist propaganda in US more than doubled in 2019", headlines a news story spreading white supremacist propaganda.

I discovered a channel on YouTube that promotes the use of the "value for value model".

Watch "Evidence for Ancient High Technology - Part 1: Machining" on YouTube

"... these same models have successfully projected global warming for a half century"

Wow, I've never seen any of those model's results! I'm still waiting for the ice-less arctic ocean.

Wuhan Virus DEATH rates for past cases (so far):

Hubei Province, China: 46% (546 dead, 633 recovered)

The rest of the world, including the rest of China: 3% (16 dead, 524 recovered)

The whole Democrat party debacle that's been on display the last few days is theater, poorly written by sit-com writers and produced by the shadow government, to distract us from what's really going on.

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