Fun fact: I haven't seen a single episode of Game of Thrones.

Nothing like watching #googleio to produce new content for my nightmares.

YouTube Mistakenly Tags Notre Dame Fire Video As '9/11 Conspiracy'

This is cool - quote “Previously, Keybase only supported the mega-behemoths: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Github, and HackerNews. This new protocol change isn't just for Mastodon; we're ripping Keybase wide open, so any community can cryptographically connect profiles to Keybase.”

22 seconds in (after the bit about it just ending last weekend):

"... but now those who attended between January 13th and 15th may have been exposed to rubella..."

So although the event *ended* recently the person diagnosed with the disease attended way back in Jan! (I'm assuming)

Gmail has really gotten bad in their spam filtering. I just found 3 false positives in it out of 3 total!

Not only that but I have a filter that prevents anything from going to spam (which had been working great for years since a couple times before when they put important mail in spam). I guess that isn't working anymore. Time for moving my secondary to someone else?

China going nuclear with the help for the French. I suppose if your a French company doing nukes you gotta do something, since France is shutting down their nukes.

Whoa, Tulsi Gabbard is running for President.

I think she's a real threat unless the DNC cuts her legs out - in which case I think she'll abandon the Democrats.

AOC eats _out_ three times a day!?
The only person preparing my food is me.

Single cell batteries are often called cells, (eg AA, D and C "cell" batteries)

Holy fuck what is with all the H.W. Coverage? Jeezus...its like he was royalty or some kind of shit. How about we talk about Panama? Columbia? Fucking Iraq? C'mon...lets hear how Noriega had a parking garage full of CIA Cocaine...or how the Columbians had to be pushed back because they were interfering in the Trafficking ops? Lets at least show the Real True Side of the Bush Family Dynasty.

"The park, which recently announced that the gorillas number more than a thousand, faces multiple security threats, including illegal *charcoal* production, smuggling, poaching as well as the Mai Mai militia."

Celebrate Halloween with the Rat tonight! If you come early, there will be a pre show 9pm est present! Main show starts at 11pm est Come early, stay late!

I'm sure appropriated Presidential Alerts can come in handy for one side (or the other) if there's ever a Coup d'état.

It'd be a great way to spread "fake" news.

boogeyman are you ready to BOOGEY tonight? join me in the sewet at 11pm est!

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