The first history of Thanksgiving rant from John C. Dvorak!

From The No Agenda Show,
8-20-2009 (7min1sec)

Moe Factz 54 - "Lemonhead Delight" -- Adam and Moe deconstruct the numbers of the 2020 election. Who will be left holding the bag?

There are only 20 people worldwide who have been reinfected by SARS-CoV-2, and all had it less severely except for one woman who got it more severely and died. It is so rare that it is not worth considering as a risk.

Comcast is so incompetent they disconnect us even though we have auto-pay set up.

It seems Hong Kong expects 11 new wuflu cases. Obviously that is nowhere near enough to be scary so they are instituting mandatory testing, which should help get the numbers up! Also instituting more no-having-fun-you-slaves restrictions.

Taking down Bitchute on election night? Some serious propaganda wars going on.

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