@adam @PhoneBoy @commandlinekid Speaking of convenience, something you may not be aware of is this tool that converts any RSS feed into an ActivityPub bot: https://bots.tinysubversions.com/

Dissenter comment on the article sums him up:
"This is the same Isikoff who wrote the article cited by the FISA courts to allow spying on Carter Page.

The same Isikoff from the Podesta emails who had met with the Ukrainians.

The same Isikoff who had the "scoop" on Lewinsky before Newsweek "spiked the story" a day before Drudge released it.

Isikoff is a Clinton/DNC stooge and the fact that he even wrote this article shows how worried they are about their meddling coming to light."

So I use a regular email client to check my GMAIL. I get a message from Google. "Your personal information is vulnerable because you allow apps & devices to
access your account in a less secure way." Not sure how that i (long impossible to remember password I kept in an encrypted text file) is less secure then using a web browser.
The truth is my "personal information is vulnerable" because I use GMAIL and Google gets to READ IT ALL!

Seems like everything I've seen from Hong Honk is well produced. Wasn't there another extradition thing we were all talking about just a week ago, darn I forgot what is was.. a.. something.

@adam I think the "transfer time" came from the creation time of the of the released files. That is one knows the creation time of the first file, last file, the total size of the files involved and can calculate the transfer time from that.

Could the African swine fever outbreak be biological warfare?

Nothing like watching #googleio to produce new content for my nightmares.

YouTube Mistakenly Tags Notre Dame Fire Video As '9/11 Conspiracy' https://quitter.im/url/2269665


This is cool - quote “Previously, Keybase only supported the mega-behemoths: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Github, and HackerNews. This new protocol change isn't just for Mastodon; we're ripping Keybase wide open, so any community can cryptographically connect profiles to Keybase.”


22 seconds in (after the bit about it just ending last weekend):

"... but now those who attended between January 13th and 15th may have been exposed to rubella..."

So although the event *ended* recently the person diagnosed with the disease attended way back in Jan! (I'm assuming)

Gmail has really gotten bad in their spam filtering. I just found 3 false positives in it out of 3 total!

Not only that but I have a filter that prevents anything from going to spam (which had been working great for years since a couple times before when they put important mail in spam). I guess that isn't working anymore. Time for moving my secondary to someone else?

China going nuclear with the help for the French. I suppose if your a French company doing nukes you gotta do something, since France is shutting down their nukes.


Whoa, Tulsi Gabbard is running for President.

I think she's a real threat unless the DNC cuts her legs out - in which case I think she'll abandon the Democrats.

AOC eats _out_ three times a day!?
The only person preparing my food is me.

Single cell batteries are often called cells, (eg AA, D and C "cell" batteries)

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