"Podcaster" or "Podcastor"?
Which is correct?

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Android users finding covid tracing app installed without permission in Massachusetts!

Check your phones


LIVE STREAM DOWN Probably because white supremist, nazi kwadroons, male toxic pro life!, not pro death folk.

Oh boy a new Google chat is out and is free for everyone. I wonder why they didn't think of this idea sooner! 😆

@harvhat @eleutheromania yes, odd the headline would blame "elected officials"... Trump is gone, but Fauci is still around...

The majority (80%+) of the people inside still were wearing them though.

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My local Target is at "Masks strongly recommended for unvaccinated people".

Not "required"! which is where most stores are still at in the Boston area it seems.

ITM y'all! A new ANA at long last - I think I miss doing them more than anyone misses viewing them. :) But if you were wondering what happened, I'm not dead (yet). Just had a major milestone to meet with the day job which I accomplished today.

Yeah, y'all should definitely blame my work sched and NOT the new boyfriend. Yep. For sure. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo


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In other words, you don't have a cold, you have covid 🤡🌍

The UK is one of the most locked-down countries yet also one of the ones with the highest vaccination rates. It would seem then that neither vaccines nor lock-downs work. It's science!

They're shaking out possible dissenters from an upcoming Covid-19 vax approval.

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Someone else posted this earlier but I'm re-posting because it keep seeing people trying to figure out what happened by reading/watching cbsnews and other nonsense.


the "hackers" didn't own their keys? something smells.

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So Massachusetts is removing the state of emergence on June 15th. Wouldn't that mean the "emergence use" authorized vaccines will loose their authorization status? Would seem like that to me.

Oh and I forgot one.

If you get covid-19 AND the jab then you got lifetime immunity.

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