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@jennifer who is responsible for making the tropical storm? Id like to know what grievances Charleston has with Southport 😝

@sirgene my tennis elbow flares up when I sleep with my arm straite out.

so the only person they could find to talk about this was in the navy and never in combat? wow

@harrisonn the one here @novant so downstairs from where I was, IF, I come back, COOOOF neg!

I just saw a black dude go way too fast in a parking lot and almost take out another pedestrian black dude, a black child, and a black mother. No wonder they shoot each other all the time. That was horseshit.

I swam yesterday and two lesbians said they were impressed with my swimming.

Try shrinking you amygdala with a bit of reflection! ITM!

ITM! GITMO FAM ! Happy to be here, one from the archives!

It really seems like the DC cops are way better prepared for this than they were during that pesky insurrection thing......that’s not weird at all.

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